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I've recently taken an interest in drawing. I have little experience in the way of drawing and such. But I don't know where to begin? I'm particularly interested in drawing zombies (because I'm completely and hopelessly obsessed with the undead). How do I learn to draw? Where do I start?

Thanks, man! I'd greatly appreciate any help! I'd love to be a good drawer.

All the best,


Hi Matt,

The key to learning to draw is practice, practice, practice. There aren't any shortcuts, you improve only by doing it, then doing it again. Observe how other artists who's work you admire handle form, texture and composition.

Probably the best way to see the fastest improvement is to take a class. Very few people are "self taught" at anything! You might look for evening or weekend drawing classes in your community. Though you won't be drawing zombies in a class, if you want to learn to draw you have to learn some fundamentals that you can apply to whatever subject matter you want to eventually draw. In a drawing class you can benefit by having the instructor's "critique", or commentary of your work. Having somebody tell you what parts of your drawing can be improved (and what parts are really good) can strengthen your drawing skills where it's needed. You may need to develop a thick skin to hear things you might not want to hear about your work, but believe me, it's invaluable to hear, and helps you to improve a great deal!

Here are a couple of online drawing tutorials you can try out:






I suggest you keep a sketchbook, and draw. And when the sketchbook is full, get another and another and another one after that. Don't get discouraged and don't be hard on yourself. Do it because you love to draw, and you WILL improve in time if you keep doing it.

Best of luck!



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