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Is it harder to earn a living as an illustrator than in the past? Can you explain your answer?

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Hi Tom,

Being an illustrator has never been the easiest profession to make a living at. Today with desktop publishing some illustrators are finding there is less demand for custom work. The field has always had of competition and job insecurity. Most illustrators are self employed, so there isn't ever a certainty of employment. Some jobs can be very well paid, particularly if your work can be applied to advertising. You can have a very good run of work and be very much in demand for a period of years, but the market is fickle and styles can also go out of fashion. You always need to be prepared for a "dry" time, when there aren't many (if any) assignments. For this reason, many illustrators have other jobs or skills retailed to illustration such as graphic design.

Also, there really isn't a standard for how an illustrator gets paid. It depends the client's budget, and how much they want a particular illustrator to do the job. The amount you can earn is also determined by your style.

I hope I've been a help.


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