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Dear Elgin

Do you feel that a person Who is good
in drawing will be also good in painting and vice versa?.


it is not necessary that a person Who is good in drawing will be always a good painter and vice versa.

Thanks & regards
Prashant s akerkar

Dear Prashant,
Your question couldn't have been asked at a better time. Recently I enrolled in a college level design course where I was required throughout the semester to submit  some painting projects.  Being an excellent draftsman as far as drawing in pen and ink and pencil is concerned, I thought that painting would be relatively simple for me.i also prided myself on being a pretty decent digital painter having used Photoshop and digital programs similar to it.

I couldn't gave been more incorrect.

I struggled  with  mixing primary colors in order to create secondary and analogous colors, in my attempts at creating proper tone, shade, and tints,I also struggled.  My mixing was horrible! I either found myself adding too much water, or not enough, I had difficulty handling my brushwork in order to create beautiful lines and strokes, and my end products were nothing near what I imagined that would  be.

I learned a valuable lesson.

Just because I excelled in one area, didn't mean it would translate into anther area.  

Why? It's because each artistic disciple has it's own particular set of rules and skill set that needs to be mastered.  There is an artistic myth that states that just because a person is an artist that they can "do anything" art related.  Even though one might be a gifted cartoonist, they nay struggle with photo realism, or drawing machinery, or even suck at perspective drawing!  In pro art studios there  are areas of specialization artists have that they yes to make a finished product. In the example of an animated feature you have character designers, lead animators, clean up artists, scenery designers, colonists, and digital animators.   

The important thing is to dive in , put your ego aside and Kearney as many art disciplines as possible. Enjoy being a beginner! It's important to remain humble and continuously add to your knowledge base.   It makes learning fun and ultimately makes you a more well rounded artist.

I hope this helps.


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