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I have a lot of ideas for some comic books and I've been making an outline and script for a few of the ideas.  So I was wondering for a design of one of my art styles for a comic book to be drawn in first person.  As in a view that you see in the comic book will be through the eyes of a character in the story.  You'd be seeing things from their eyes, so you can only see the hands/arms,buildings,people that the character is talking to, or whatever the character is looking at and is in his peripheral vision.  Example would be the character is handed an envelope, you'd see on the page/scene hands reaching out grabbing the letter.  Hopefully you understand what I'm talking about.  Could you tell me if its been done before, or if it would be difficult?

I understand perfectly what you are talking about and I will be honest
I have mixed feelings on this...

I feel that to use the 'first person' as a subject is wonderful in certain
scenarios,which would, if drawn correctly and with a good composition, would add
a powerful statement to your comic book story...AT THE RIGHT TIME.

But, to use it all the time, I feel would be a bit frustrating for the audience, for
I believe the readers feel more comfortable and complete when they get the whole picture, and not just the view of the character.

Drawing scenes with the character just looking or holding an object or seeing the object
is very difficult because of the perspective angle...

Have you ever seen sports shots of the athlete with a helmet camera? The camera is telling the viewer what the athlete is seeing and going through and if you think about it, or next time you see the 'camera view' of what that person is seeing, watch and see how distorted and 'fish eye'
the shots are, especially when the camera is focusing on the athlete...
I, as a viewer don't like it, for I am use to seeing the view from another camera shooting the scene, where I am getting the whole "story."

But this is my preference, and I believe I know where you are coming from here...."To be different." to tell the story in an unusual way, to step outside the box...I have seen this done in various comic books, especially like in spider man where he is jumping off a tall building and you are 'riding' the flight with him...you are he...and you can feel the thrill of the fall and the swing of the lines to another building as you rapidly descend, then whoosh up onto another building at lighting fast speed... these are the times you want to use "First Person."

Balance in your story and your drawing telling the story is what makes a good comic book.
Thank you for your question, and I hope that I have helped....
Good luck in your endeavors, I can also say...if you want to do your comic book in the 'first person" go for it...experiment, and try it out...for you never know if you will be successful unless you try.

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