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Hello, I'm getting frustrated learning to draw, I'm not drawing what I see very well. I've attached an image and would like some advice. It's one of the worst of the bunch. I feel frustrated. I've added a second drawing I'm a little happier with. what do I need to do to improve?

cross hatching face \'The Technical Pen"
cross hatching face 'T  

Lip Anatomy
Lip Anatomy  
Hi Luke,

Thank you for your thoughts, and emailing me on them...
Well, first of all you are way too hard on yourself, for as drawings go
they are very good!

Ok...the first thing I see is that your style is what I call quick and  sketchy, but you do
capture the essence of the piece and there is nothing wrong with this...

But, I feel that this is NOT what you want...but you are looking for a softer and more
finished piece?

In the first piece of the guy with the glasses the cross hatching is very good
but what I see is the lack of tints and tones. in the cheek chin forehead areas,
you have a hint of darker areas.

But,you need to be more aware of your light source,
as well as the planes of the face..and using tighter strokes.

Again, you have done a nice job of 'hinting' at
the cheek bones and the curvature of the chin, and the subtleties of the planes of the
nose area but, if you look hard at your reference source and study what I call the 'lumps and
bumps' of the face and mentally run your fingers over the planes of this face, you will
mentally "FEEL" the dips and curves of the face.

The lips in your drawing are again subtle but they are actually planed...

If you are interested get Burne Hogarth's book  " Drawing The Human Head." This man, to me is the modern Michelangelo, Unfortunately he has passed away, but his books are magnificent, and they explain how to see the human head or body in the perspective view that so many people miss.

He has many other books out also including drawing the hand, body, and shading wrinkles.

The human face and body is FULL of perspective planes and angles that an artist can miss,
but, again the style of the artist MUST be taken in consideration..But, style is one thing,
understanding WHAT you're drawing is another...and you draw what you see, but do you really understand what you are drawing in order to put in your own 'two cents? in other words add to what your reference is NOT telling you...

A picture can only give you so much, but if you want more, you need to understand the anatomy of what you are drawing...

Also, cross hatching has many styles as you well know, there is a book out there that is my
"Bible" on this subject, it's called "The Technical Pen," and I have sent you a sample of a crosshatched face... you can see how this artist uses shading and the subtle planes of the face.

Your second drawing is more 'dynamic"  and here you have captured the planing of the arm and good shadowing effect.  

But, what I would like to 'challenge' you on is your knowledge of the 'anatomy of the gun. I see that you have drawn it as you see it...but if you were to take your reference away, could you draw the gun indicating the realistic 'anatomy' of it?

Here your picture is a good 'copy' of what you see, but, the problem is, is your doing just that...copying...and what I "FEEL" in your pictures is that all of this is mechanical.

I don't see subtleties in the shading that is YOU...but what the picture is telling you to draw...I don't feel the roundness of the arm, but a mechanical 'stop and go' effect of the shading...there is no softness  in your work...BUT...again if this is your style, then you are doing a nice job... but I feel you will always be frustrated at your work until you can put your own understanding in it.

It is sort of like reading a book, but just reading words and not really understanding what these words mean...Your drawings are like this.

But if you want to change your style to make your work more realistic and feeling, then you need to work on your understanding of; ONE: the human anatomy,  and TWO:  shading and how it works with light and dark and how it reacts to the human anatomy...the human is not HARD but of flesh and bone...the gun is hard! but even that too has it's softer 'moments."

If you are interested in more thoughts, I teach on line and I can help you out more on your work. For more information on this, email me at kittytrekn@gmail.com.

I am going to attempt to send you some examples of the two books I've mentioned, but if you don't get them go on line and check them out and see what I am talking about.

Keep up the good work, and don't be so hard on yourself, you are good.

I don't use the word "TALENT" because I believe that is a defeating word, but instead I like to tell my students that they have the heart and the WANT to become a good artist, then they will become so.

It's the old adage that you can lead a horse to water but, you can't make them drink...but, I see in you the WANT to do better, and because of this...you will.


Sequoia Cougar  


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