Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast  
I have this friend who is using other people's artwork as his own and getting praise for it. But I cannot seem to find the real artist to the drawings. I know that my friend is not very experienced as an artist and his previous drawings that he has showed me aren't anything special. But he posts artwork on instagram claiming them as his own all of a sudden. I linked one of the drawings. Can you please help me identify this real artist?

Sorry I'm unable to identify the artist, but one thing is clear: plagiarism is stealing period.
Ask your friend how they would feel if they put their heart and soul into a piece of creative work, posted it online and later found out someone else was using it for personal gain. I'm sure they'd be furious. And rightly so.   This ain't rocket science. It's stealing. It's not a gray area, it stealing. It's not even ignorance, it's stealing.   It's like mom said. Stealing is wrong. Don't do it. If and when you get caught there will be consequences.  That's my short answer. I don't think any more needs to be said.  


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