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Dream Interpretation/Driving in the back seat


danceswithprozac wrote at 2010-11-19 17:00:21
I just had a dream like this last night and a friend on Facebook pointed out this post... this control struggle fits my life so perfectly right now and I hadn't even thought of that being why I had this dream. Thanks to whoever you are who posted this.

anxious sleeper wrote at 2016-02-28 15:17:20
I don't have an answer but I also have a dream very similar but mine usually involves quit a bit of accidents and I'm quit frantic trying to control the car from the back seat! In mine there also doesn't seem to be brakes. Sometimes Its on the highway and other times just in a parking lot where the car does not stop moving and is side swiping other cars!

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I am experienced in dream interpretation using contents of the dream as the main source of interpretation. Analysis requires full disclosure of the dream and possibly some feedback from the dreamer. This is an interesting and insightful way to uncover the hidden meaning of your dreams.


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