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I dreamed last night of Giant Crabs...the crabs were people..in one instance in
my dream the person was coming out of it and even eating the crab at the
same time. I am in a relationship I don't think my boyfriend is being honest
about his dealings with other women.  I have many suspicions.  Also there is a
matter of distance between us. We rarely get to see one another as we ought.
Confused about whether I should leave the relationship

Good morning, Bonice.

The crab is an interesting creature.  It's well-armored with built-in weapons, yet it is extremely distrustful and ill-tempered.  We call ill-tempered people "crabs".  

A person coming out of a crab could be said to be coming out of their shell, which is another way of saying that they are not hiding their true selves any more, and are being more open and trusting in general.  

The meat of a crab is tender and tasty, even though the creature itself is a bottom-feeder.  Someone eating it in a dream would probably be nourished and happy, turning something negative into something positive.  To be eating the crab as they emerge would be to simultaneously abandon distrust and negativity, while growing stronger in the process.

It sounds as if you are afraid to open up to your boyfriend, and your relationship would be a lot better if only you could do so.  I would say, one time, tell him about your fears and concerns.  Be honest and open, not accusatory - your feelings are real, and that's the topic of conversation.  If he can't be open and honest in return, then there's your answer.

Pleasant dreams,


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