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This past Sunday i was taking a nap on my couch. it was an
in and out kind of sleep and my parents were walking around
the house. i thought i was sleeping and suddenly awoke to
hear my parents talking about me. my parents were talking
about if they think my boyfriend and i were having sex. i
could hear my mom was in the laundry room and my dad was
walking down the stairs. and it was like they were talking
as if i wasn't home. but then all of a sudden i was in the
kitchen and my dad walked in and i pretended to be asleep
on the faucet to the sink but i could still hear them
talking about me. then in for certain reality my doorbell
was ringing and my dad woke me up to tell me my boyfriend
was here. then i woke up for good and hung out as normal
with my boyfriend. and in fact my mom was not in the
laundry room and my dad was in the kitchen.

i just cant tell if my parents were actually having that
conversation and i awoke to hear it OR if i was dreaming
that they were.

i'm asking you because it felt a little like a lucid dream
because i have been getting scared lately that the
converstaion will happen between my parents and i.

i'm an adult and my parents know i am sexually active but i
think the idea of them talking directly to me freaks me

was i dreaming or did i really overhear a conversation
between my mom and dad?  

I would be more then happy to try to answer your question to the best of my ability. Their are three possibilities to your question. If you didn't do a reality test during your dream, then it may be difficult to know if you were in fact dreaming or not. You could have also heard the conversation while you were dreaming, then your brain sometimes uses what you see or hear, even while you are dreaming, this happened to me a few times. You could have also experienced a false awakening, this means you wake up in your bedroom and everything looks normal, but you are still in a dream, a reality test should also be performed at this time. I'm sure your parents would have  talked to you know if it wasn't a dream, and you said that it felt like a dream, so it most certainly was.

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I am not a dream Interpreter, I specialize in lucid dreams. With this being said please don't ask me any questions about what your dreams mean. All dream interpretation questions will be rejected. Lucid dreams are when you realize that you are in a dream. Once you realize that you are dreaming, you can control and manipulate your dreams. I can answer questions regarding lucid dreaming, false awakening, paralysis sleep, and reality testing. I cannot answer questions regarding out of body experience.


When I was a little kid I would have 1-2 lucid dreams a year that I could control. As I got older I would have about 3-5 lucid dreams every year, but now I am averaging about 4-5 lucid dreams every month.

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