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Dream Interpretation/dream involving wind/windows


malanduye wrote at 2013-04-13 11:22:46

Since you submit this in 2009, I hope it is not too late

The image of the creator in all of us is our mind, this is where we create our realities

Your dream involve 2 strong will at play

It seems that you were in a relationship of some kind, thing did not work out, but the other party have a strong desire not to let you go

Whatever you seal on earth is seal in heaven

His determination got the approval of the heavens

But in the other hand, your strong will of not to allow him back into your life, is like two strong bulls facing it in an arena, because your determination also got the approval of the heavens

You room symbolize your life

Was he so determine that he got you tired of pushing him off and you allowed him in, since you was alone in the dream, it means that you had no one else occupying the space he once did in your life

Or were you so determine that he got tired of try, loose all confidence of regaining you and calm down

Hop you post the end of this story

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