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Dream Interpretation/i remembered more detail pertaining to 1st dream i sent you today,please ignore 1st dream i sent you


"i had a dream the other night that my father had just gotten out of jail and since it was his birthday we took a trip down to south beach to meet up with some family and celebrate,my dad and me rented a hotel room and went down to the walk on the waterfront so we could meet up with some of the family,i remember walking down the waterfront with my bestfriend ashley and talking about random things like the hot guys and such and then i remember that there was some eveent going on and there were going to be fireworks going off at some point so me and my dad and my uncle drove the rental car up to the parking garage and we parked on the 3rd floor,this part of the parking garage was level with a dirt road that lead out onto a road at a good distance away,we drove up through the parking garage to get to the 3rd level,we parked on the 3rd level and waited for the fireworks to start and i decided i wanted to grab something from the hotel room so i got  out of the car to try and find a staircase that led back into the hotel,when i got out from the overhang of the parking garage and walked out onto the dirt road a little bit i looked up and saw the staircases that led up and down the parking garage and all the staircases were wooden and extremly old and they looked decrepid as far as i could see through the windows that led up with the stairs so there was no way i was about to use those,i walked out a little farther to look for an extra set of stairs and there were actually 2 small buildings attached to this level of the garage becuase it was level with the ground,so i went towards the buildings to find a set of stairs leading down to my room and as i looked striahgt ahead while walking i saw through an open fence gate out in the distance past the gate i saw 2 dogs barking and playing with eachother and i thought ''oh sh*t if they see me im getting bit'' and i started running back to the car and as soon as i got to the car and grabbed my door handle i looked back at the dogs and they looked at me and started running towards the car at that point i ripped open the car door and got in,i yelled at my dad to pull away and get out the garage and for osme reason he drove towards the dogs and tried to drive around them but they jumped on top of the car and i noticed one of the dogs was dalmation and the other was a small shaggy dog and my dad started driving towards the fence gate that was open and as we went through i then saw 2 more dogs and one of them was the biggest dog ive ever seen,he was the size of a small bear  and i just thought holy krap when i saw him,the other 2 dogs saw our car and started chasing it along with the other 2 that had already been chasing us,then we saw a fence gate that was closed and locked but since it connected to a road we rammed the gate and went through it unto the road and we lost the dogs a sec later,i remember much later that night my dad was driving home very much drunk from miami and when we got home he was so drunk he could barely walk,i kept trying to get him to let me walk him into the house but he wouldnt let me because he had fallen in the bushes in front f our house and wanted to go to sleep there but i wouldnt let him so we sat there arguing abotu it for a few minutes he made me sit with him in the bushes for a minute,we wound up getting home the same time as my neighbors and they were getting home drunk also but i didnt want them to see my dad drunk and passed out in the bushes so i sat in the bushes with him for a minute and waited for them to go into the house as soon as they did me and my dad started arguing about me helping him into the house and finally i got him up and he was so drunk that he wound up putting most of his weight on me and he was very heavy as soon as i got him in the front door he stumbled to his room,and i remember our house was backwards because i walked in the front door and the backroom in our home was first room we walked into and thats where our gameroom is,i walked into what was the front room of the house in my dream and saw that is was full of birthday presents for my dad my brother had stayed home and told me that some people got me and my dads birthdays confused and that there were 2 bags with presents in them for me as i went to grab them my brother told me i could only take one bag of my presents because they were sopposed to be my dads,i looked in the one i chose and there was nothing there that i liked so i put it back and grabbed the other one to see what was in it and my brother yelled at me and i said ''im keeping this one'' and walked away,as i looked in the bag i saw a pack of newports cigarettes and thought ''awesome'' and as i continued looking through the bag i saw a pregnancy test and thought ''wat the hell'' and then realized i might possibly need it (due to the fact that my friend told that you can still get pregnant even if you have unprotected sex for 2 min and make him stop,wich is what i had done recently) and i also saw an acrylic nails set at the bottom of the bag wich i was also excited about because i like doing my own nails since its cheaper

do random events occur in my dreams for a reason?
thank you very much for your help with my interpretations

Dear Christina,
As all your dreams show, you have some things in your past to deal with, by not putting closure to things you are not able to deal with things that are happening in your life now. You are always going in all directions not really getting anywhere. You are not really sure who you are or who you want to be so you reinvent yourself a lot not really feeling comfortable in each change. The reaso this is because it is not your appearance that needs to be reinvented it is the inside, confront the past, deal with things instead of just brushing them off hoping they will go away on their own and you will find a beautiful, wonderful person you all knew was in there somewhere.
Love and Light

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