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I just recently had a dream about a few crabs that I was supposed to cook. For some reason, these crabs did not have the rubber bands bounding their claws. I had gotten distracted and didn't cook them, I kept them in a cardboard box and they kept clawing their way out of the box. As I would keep trying to put them back in the box they would pinch me and so I would get more reluctant to put them back in the box because it was difficult. I finally just put them back in one last time and gave up. But when they got out again, I still tried to chase after them but they were extremely fast and I couldn't chase after them. That's the last thing I remember about them. I do remember one of them being black and another being grey.

It's possible that you are in a "crabby" mood or that you are dependent or holding onto a relationship. Putting the crabs in the box could be a way of protecting some aspect of yourself. The crabs getting out could be you revealing some aspect of yourself so that you are able to live "outside the box". You chased them, so you want them back. The fact that they pinched you could imply that you are holding onto something that hurt you.  

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