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I'm a 23 year old woman who's just settled into a new (having lived here once before a few years back) place and starting 'anew', as it were. This, is my nightmare.
I was in a dress, in a dark, grungy dilapidated victorian house. There was a mother and a father and a young boy. The young boy would talk to me, but the mother would constantly weep, and the father was no where to be found. But, these guys were ghosts and I was trying to help them.
Well like, we (the little boy and I ) spent a while looking for the little boys body, and I had a journal? Like a REAL Paranormal detective does, I guess. Anyway, we found his body, I cant remember where, but then we were going to look for his mothers body. She was constantly wailing, and we knew she was around the spiral staircase. We found her, backed up in a dark corner, crying. Her tears were material on the floor? Like, crystal. She died from either a fall or poison. Anyway, she was scared of me and kept backing away.
But, we (the boy and I ) realized the crystal wasn't crystal. It was bone shards, and they were all over my shoulders and front of the dress. It was night, so we were looking at it in the moonlight of this huge window. The mom is still wailing and the little boy and I inspect some of the softer pieces, when his eyes get all wide and he tells me that they're bone shards and brains. The Mom looks ok though, and the boy hasn't lost body parts.
They were from me. The top of my skull had a fist sized hole, and by feel I could tell that part of the brain was missing. The boy acted as if he knew all along, curious that I couldn't tell. The mystery remains on how I died, as I promptly awoke after such a revelation.
I know this is a lot, but I tried to retain all of the imagery that I could so that someone (or myself) could figure out this nightmare- the first one that I've had in years.

Hello Jessica,

That is a very interesting dream!  Normally, death in dreams is representative of an ending in some aspect of your life.  Eg. moving house, finishing a career and starting a new one, ending a relationship, that kind of thing.  Going forward with that logic, a ghost is someone who has died, however, they still exist in spirit.  So ghosts in dreams will represent something from your past that should have been dead and burried long ago, but it still haunts your for one reason or another - whether it be due to painful memories, unfinished business, or some other reason.  The fact that (correct me if I got this bit wrong?) you ended up being a ghost yourself indicates that you might be living in the past  or constantly thinking about something from the past.

In your dream, there was a mother who was constantly crying - this might indicate that the nurturing side of you has been damaged somehow. She was afraid, perhaps she even had trouble trustung people?  The father was no-where to be seen.  Traditionally a father could be understood as the protector of a family - so maybe you are feeling very vulnerable or unable to protect yourself?.  To the little boy, he is really trying to help you unravel what is happening in your life.  My guess is you have been doing a lot of soul searching lately, looking for answers on what happened to you that makes you think about your past experiences so much.  Do you have an idea how old this little boy was?  Often what happens is your dream self might make a conection with something that is going on in your life now, and connects it with the past.  Say for example the little boy was 7 years old.  Ask yourself what was going on in your life 7 years ago and whether this might fit in with the dream.  Also, think back to when you yourself were 7 (or whatever age you thought the boy was).  What was happening in your  life then?  Any connections?

The journal you had is really is a confirmation that you are trying to find answers and evidence as to what went wrong for you in the past.  Journals are also memories when you think about it - a snapshot in time as to how you were feeling and what you were doing at that point in your life.  Spiral staircases can also represent delving into the subconscious mind and seeing what is there.  (Interesting that you found the damaged nurturer there!)  

The crystal tears that ended up being bone shards is interesting.  I can only spectulate here, but consider that a real tear will dissipate into the ground while a crystal tear will last forever.  Maybe this is like a metaphor for some kind of painful memory/experience you cannot let go of?  Maybe you feel like the pain will last forever?  However, you discover that it is not crystal, but bone shards.  Hmmm, Bone is basically what keeps us together, and without it, we would be a weak blob unable to move.  The bone shards might represent a loss of strength - in that the this continual pain/ suffering whatever it is that is going on for you - is basically weakening you.  I'm sure you already know that you need some major healing over this - the feelings won't disappear by themselves.

At this point, you realise you are also dead, and there are brains and a fist sized piece missing from the top of your head.  I am guessing this also, is a metaphor for how you have been affected by past experiences.  A missing part of the brain might suggest some intellectual downfall - but I get the feeling that your dilemma is not an intellectual one!  I did a quick bit of research on this and found that this part of the brain joins the motor and sensory parts of the brain (Maybe someone reading this might explain better in the comments section below!!). Perhaps this is saying that the effect on you has been a sensory shut down of sorts, emotional numbness or an inability to get on with your life as you want to.

Please accept my apologies if this interpretation is too out there.  I always worry about these sort of interpretations that I've gone off on a completely wrong tangent.  I just get the impression that you have experienced a lot of sadness and pain for some reason - sorry if this is not the case.

If you have any other questions or comments, I would be only too pleased to help further.  Just send me a "follow-up question".

Take care of yourself

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