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Here are the answers to the questiosn you need to know: female and i am 17 years old(in a month I will be 18), USA, white, I dont really know what religion I am, not religious at all, i am straight, not married, i am currently i ncollege and I work ata daycare and will soon be also working at a bowling alley, in good health, i am happy with my life but do have a few regrets, at the time of the dream I was feeling regretful about a friend I have stopped being friends with(guy in the dream), my priorities in life are going to college, making a decent amount of money, and having fun, I am afraid of trusting and getting close to people, my parents recently got a divorce and that drastically changed my outlook on love, relationships, and life in general, i spend most of my time at school, doing hw, working, or spending time with my friends and family, my hopes in life are to have a great job, make decent amount of money, and always be friends with my current best friends.
I had this dream the other night and I really want to know what it means...The first thing I remember is that I was in someoneís house/condo/whatever; I assume that it is Jonathanís. But assuming that itís Jonathanís doesnít make much sense because Iím pretty sure he still lives with his parents. (I have never met Jonathan before, but we used to talk all the time and he really liked me. I liked him but didnít want it to get too serious because he lives in the UK and as much as I wanted it to, it probably never would have worked out. He just wanted to be my friend and talk on the phone but I was scared and never would and eventually that was too hurtful to him and said he was not the guy for me and that we should stop talking to each other. I do feel regretful that this happened because I did really like him and I miss him and think about him constantly. We met about a year ago and he helped me get through a tough time in my life, my parents separating and getting a divorce. Their divorce has scarred me and I donít want to get close to anyone which I believe is part of the reason why Jonathan and I have stopped talking) the house thing is very small, all white, and I donít remember there being any furniture. I went up the stairs and there was a bathroom and I assumed his bedroom but once again I donít remember there being any furniture but I do think I remember seeing boxes. A lot of time passes and I eventually some of my immediate family and friends show up, they are just hanging out and some go outside randomly. I donít know how much time passes but eventually Jonathan shows up and he seems mad/ taken by surprise(I mean there are a bunch of strangers in his house). Well I assume that we are strangers but he acts as if he has known me forever, he acts like this is not the first time he has met me, even though in my mind I was surprising him for the first time. When he walked through the door he was holding things and all he said was ďKim, can I talk to you?Ē He didnít have a British accent which I found strange since he currently lives in the UK. I said ďyeah sureĒ or ďof courseĒ or something along those lines. We go outside on the deck and it looks exactly the same as the deck and backyard of my current house now. That was the last thing I remember, being confused about where we were.

Decks represent the self in dreams and being in touch with your surroundings. Not to mention that they're outdoors. I think you miss your friend and have a lot of trust in them that the houses are interchangeable in the dreams. Houses in their entirety say a lot about the self and the fact that yours are both intertwined is what I imagine to be a good thing. It's clear your friend has something to tell you. The strangers in his house could mean you're not feeling as much of a priority to him as you used to be.  

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