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QUESTION: Hey Chook !
Things to know: I got in a fight with my mom the day before I had this dream and I finally got over this guy from my old school. I recently moved a month ago. I'm 16.

My mom told me to hold our dog and take her as far away as possible so they (the police?) wouldn't catch her. She told me to put gloves on so they couldnt "trace my handprints" on the dog. The gloves she gave me were turned inside out and white (they're actually purple). I held my dog that was black in the dream (she's actually a cream color) and jumped very high. There were tall evergreen trees in my backyard. I could jump so high I touched the top of the trees. When I jumped about 3 times I was overwhelmed with a fear of getting lost and not finding my way back home. I was panicing in my head. I looked back and noticed I barely got anywhere, I was in my neighbor's yard (i don't have a neighbor). My mom was with them and they were having a barbaque, completley unaware of me. I also stared at the gutter on their roof for a long time.

I walked by the bathroom in my house and noticed it looked "like a mansion". It had  stone tile and red curtains etc. My mom was cleaning the bathroom floor. I told her the bathroom looked nice and she told me to go away.   She was in a bad mood.

I was in my old house. In the kitchen. I was looking through the fridge since I had to pack food to move away. The only things I stared at was the salsa and milk. My older cousin walked in (I haven't seen him in a long time) and said that he was driving us to our new house. I looked through the backdoor he came from and saw that it was really hot outside. I looked down at my dark blue winter jeans and bare feet. I took some waffles on the counter. I cooked them in hot oil and salsa until they disintigrated.      

Now I'm in my parent's room at my new house, I'm trying to put my hair up in a ponytail. But all the hairbands have too much hair in them. I give up trying to tie my hair up. I walk over to the bathroom (which is now normal). The sink is clogged because there's dead bugs in it. I grab a comb to push them down the drain. The dead brown spider is difficult to push through the drain, since I'm really disgusted with it. I look up into the mirror and see that I'm wearing makeup that's not even my skin color. It's too light. Also there was a big scab on the side of my face.

Does this mean anything?

ANSWER: Hey Victoria!

In dreams, everything represents you or your life in some way.  Your Mum in your dream might not represent your mother, but that nurturing side of you.  Your dog, depending on how you feel about dogs, could represent that friendship, loyalty side of you.  Running away or hiding in a dream can mean that you are avoiding something or hiding something in real life.  Police can represent moral judgement.  So putting this together, maybe you are holding back something or hiding something when it comes to friendship or loyalty - perhaps because you are trying to protect yourself - perhaps you fear that people will judge you?  Something along those lines anyway.  Putting gloves on so as not to put hand prints on the dog, is really like hiding your feelings from others - especially when it comes to friendship or making friends.

Note that the police scene is similar to the scene in your other dream where you were running from a military man - bit of a theme there.

Evergreen trees can represent spiritual or emotional growth.  also, it can point to stength and prevalence, no matter what the waether (or no matter what the situation.)  It's interesting that you jumped so high, but barely got anywhere.  Also, you were scared at this time.  This might be about unfamiliar territory, trying so hard to handle things in a mature way, but feeling uncertain and maybe even a little disillusioned about not making progress in some aspect of your life despite your efforts.

Other symbols in your dream include -

The big mansion bathroom
Bathrooms generally represent spiritua and emotional cleansing.  Eg, trying to rid yourself of something, whether that be certain thoughts or feelings, or some other aspect of your life.  Your Mum was hard as work cleaning the bathroom itself.  Cleaning the thing that cleans, so to speak.  So it sounds like you are really trying to rid yourself of old thoughts, behaviours, feelings, relationships, memories, etc.  You really liked the bathroom, but your Mum was not happy, so that nurturing side of you is angry with you for some reason.  Maybe in your efforts to start afresh, you might have disregarded the needs of that nurturing side of you???  Alternatively, this could be a reference to the fight you had with your Mum and why you were fighting with her.  What was your Mum saying in this fight? Why were you fighting?  Did the reasons fit in with the symbolic meaning of the dream at all?

Roof guttering
Again, this is another symbol of protecting yourself from emotional trauma.  Eg, a roof protects a house and the gutters draw water away fom the house when it rains.  Rain or any kind of water can represent emotional issues (depending on your personal view of rain to some degree).

A kitchen is the central part of the house, and is a place where food is prepared to nourish.  So in a dream, the kitchen can represent your need for spiritual/emotional nourishment.  In the dream, you looked at the milk and salsa in the fridge.  So again, milk can represent a need to be nurtured and looked after.  Salsa, hmmm, perhaps it is to do with the need for alittle bit of spice in your life??? Lol!  The salsa meaning will depend a lot on your experiences and what you associate with salsa.

Your cousin
Of course this will have individual meaning.  How would you descibe your cousin's approach to life? In the dream, your cousin was driving you to your new house.  This probably means that you have taken on some aspect of your cousin's personality or approach to life, in order to deal with your new life in your new town.

Hair, in my opinion, has a lot to do with the past - because the hair at the ends, is older than the hair at your scalp (if you can follow my logic).  in your dream, you are trying to tie up your hair, eg you are trying to tie up loose ends or things from the past.  BUT there is too much old hair stuck in the band.  So I am thinging that stuff from the past is still preventing you from neatening up your life.  You still think about or are bothered by the past a lot perhaps?  

Bugs in dreams can be a bit of a play on words, meaning that something is "bugging" you.  So you are having trouble washing away your worries or whatever is bothering you (from your past I am assuming beause of the reference to hair in that part of the dream).  

Again, there is that spider in your dream!  You might want to refer back to your last dream interpretation on spiders.  Also, you can look at it like spiders eat bugs, so it might again, be a confirmation that you are having trouble getting rid of old thoughts.

All in all, this dream has very similar symbolism and meaning than your last dreams.  Eg, hiding feelings, having trouble trying to rid yourself of old thoughts, feelings (perhaps about your old flame). Trying to put a brave face on things, trying to protect yourself from hurt feelings.  You might well be over that guy from your last school, but your dream doesn't really indicate that - its just saying that you really want to be over things, but you are having a lot of trouble.

Did you think about any of the advice I gave from your last dream? You might want to go back to that one and have another look.

Well I hope this interpretation was helpful. as always, please feel free to ask a follow-up question or make a comment.  There were quite a few different symbols and images in your dream, so if I missed something, please let me know.  If you are not 100% satisfied with my interpretation (eg if you want to give a rating of 9 or less) please let me know where I can improve.  Your feedback will really help me be a better dream interpreter so I can help others.

Nice to hear from you again, and take care of yourself!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yeah, I looked at my previous dream. Your interpretation really helped, the dream seemed to contradict itself, but I was able to understand it better because of what you said. I just interpret symbols, but I can't "connect" them, like make the connection. Most of this is right and also even though the dreams are all completly different, they all pretty much have the same message... Especially the part about my cousin! If you believe in zodiac personalities, he's really hardworking , so I just borrowed that taurus trait of his (I'm a pisces lol). I have a couple of questions;
-Do mothers represent anything else in dreams? (I don't understand the nurturing part clearly.)
-Does the part about me dressing too hot for the weather signify anything? Being barefoot?
- What about the scab?
What's really strange is that during a hurricane my gutter flew off lol maybe it's a prophetic dream! Also, I have no idea what the salsa meant. I hate tomatoes/salsa in reality, hm... thanks in advance!

Yeah I know what you mean about looking at symbols individually.  Sometimes its really hard to interpret your own dreams too.  That's really amazing about your cousin!  I'm not that knowledgable about astrology, but it is amazing how often it rings true!  

With the clothes, clothes are what you put on to protect your self from the elements.  They are also something we wear to express ourselves and our identity.  so I think the dressing too warmly thing is to do with overprotecting yourself, but it could also be about expecting and preparing for one thing, (eg, cool weather, or a cool reception from others) and getting another (eg. Warm weather or warm reception??? ). Wearing too much protection would mean you couldn't enjoy the warm weather/warm reception from others perhaps?  Interesringly, you had bare feet, which might be a reference to being well earthed, "both feet firmly on the ground" so to speak, or being really aware of what is going on around you.

Looking in the mirror is really about self-reflection.  And when you do so, you see that you have too much make-up on.  So that is saying, that you might be either trying to be someone you are not, (especially since the makeup wasn't even your skin colour.  I had totally overlooked the scab the first time around!  A scab is something that happens when a fresh wound starts to heal up.  So your dream scab is about healing from some recent emotional drama.  If looked after, a scab can heal up well and be replaced with healthy skin.  If not looked after, it can turn into a scar.  If you had've had a scar on your face, rather than a scab, then it might have indicated some negative past event that had a more permanent longer lasting effect on you - something that you didn't get over quite so well.  Whether the scab was on the right or the left could make a difference too.  The left is about logic and practical matters, while the right is about more creative and emotional issues.  Interesting too, that you were in your parents room while doing this!  This could mean that either you are trying to get your parent's perspective on things, or that you are putting on the brave face for your parents, or something like that.

Good question about the mother symbolism!  I have to say, interpreting what people symbolise is the most difficult part sometimes!!  Traditionally speaking, mothers are associated with nurturing and unconditional love.  (So that is why I came up with the nurturing side of you thing).  In the first part of the dream, your Mum was trying to protect you and your dog from the police, so that would make sense that your dream character Mum would represent that part of you that wants to protect yourself from harm.  Then your Mum was at this barbeque with neighbours while you secretly looked on.  Hmm.  Well neighbours can be about having other people around you, friends and the like, and barbeques are definitely about socialising.  Did you have any emotions during that part of the dream?  How did you feel about your Mum socialising there?  How did you feel about you not being there?  This might give you a clue as to how you feel about your social life at the moment.

Another thing about Mother's (traditionally speaking again!) is that they tend to take on the bulk of the day to day physical monotonous work in order to keep things going.  If this is not appreciated or if they don't get any help, Mums can get pretty grumpy and resentful, particularly when they see the rest of the family enjoying themselves!!!  Lol!  In your dream, your Mum was cleaning the bathroom (one of those jobs we all love!)  And although you complemented her works, she was pretty grumpy.  In your comment above, you said you have taken on a trait of your cousin - working hard.  I wonder if a part of you is a little grumpy and resentful about not getting either enough appreciation for your efforts, or not getting to have more fun and leisure time?  I don't know, just a thought.

The people in our dreams can also represent our relationship with that person, so if your Mum has been pretty grumpy lately, then it could have something to do with it.  Maybe she is resentful about all the work and not getting enough help or leisure time?

Really glad things made some sense for you, I like your questions - made me think a bit deeper about dream symbolisms!

Take care!!!

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