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Last night I had a dream of an abandoned house at the edge of a abyss-like canyon. I dream that myself, another old friend, and a man that I have known for a very long time were trekking into a forest to get to this abandoned house. Before we get there, there is a old fallen tree serving as the bridge to get across the canyon to get to the house. I am not aware of why we are going, just that we are. The three of us cross this bridge with no problem. We explore this old house finding firewood, and the man that I know is wanting to bring the firewood back across the bridge, we all start outside to cross again, but I've forgotten something and go back inside to get it. When I come back outside, the bridge is broken, and my two friends are almost across. There is a little bit of the bridge left on the other side where they are and my old friend jumps and makes it. Then the man I know tries to jump after him carrying his firewood and they briefly connect, but ultimately he falls into the abyss. As I watch him fall, I am stricken with grief as if my heart had been ripped out. There is no way for me to get across and I am trapped in the abandoned house.. then I wake up. Throat dry, heart pounding. I am not in love with this man I know, though we have much in common and have known each other for many years. Though in my dream as he falls I feel as though I love him very much. There is no lasting relationship possible, he is unsuitable. Very much a wanderer and emotionally aloof. Although should we ever stop communication, I would miss him. What do you think it means?

A bridge falling usually represents a lost opportunity. In general bridges represent a transitional and decision making time in your life. If you hadn't told me that you are not in love with this man, that would be my first guess. Perhaps he is getting further out of your life at the present time, or your subconscious wishes there was something more going on.

Houses represent the self and yours was old and abandoned. Perhaps it means that you need to work on yourself and in order to do that, you need to focus less on the people around you. You "forgot" something and ran back into the house. Because you like this man but know him to be unsuitable and aloof, you're protecting yourself and keeping yourself first by staying in the house. Otherwise you would have been on the bridge when it broke.

The woods symbolize your subconscious. Because you came out of the woods, it could mean you've avoided some situation such as through the expression of being "out of the woods". Piles of wood represent labor and diligence.  

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