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My friend had a dream about his dead grandmother last night, three years to the day after she died. This woman raised him and his siblings after his mother abandoned him at the age of 6. He wanted to hug her in the dream and she refused.  He kept saying to the other person in the dream "But she knows me".  Any ideas??

The best insight I can give into this is that there may be something that your friend regrets about the last time he spoke to his grandmother, or your friend has reason to believe their grandmother is upset with them.

From my own experience, my grandmother made a choice my mother was very unhappy about when she was still living. My mother was so upset she told us we would never see our grandmother again and told us to say goodbye forever. I didn't. I was upset I wouldn't see her anymore so I walked away without saying goodbye. She died not long after that. For many years i had dreams that she wouldn't speak to me or hug me. I felt guilt that I didn't say goodbye and felt she would be upset with me over that.

It took me a long time to realize that my grandmother loved me and knew that I loved her.

Hopefully this is the case for your friend and they can find peace with the situation.  

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