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I had a nightmare last night where I was walking on the college campus that I attended a year ago with a girl that went to a different college. The girl was on a bike but I was walking along side of her. A man was riding a bike behind us and he stopped. I felt someone following behind us so I stopped and looked back. I turned to find this man pointing a gun at my head. I started running diagonally and dodged 3 bullets. After the 3rd bullet I looked back at the girl and the forth bullet hit me and I fell to the ground. I'm really trying to figure out what this dream means. Please help

Seeing a college you attended in the past could be you reflecting on your memories of the college. When you see a bicycle that you aren't riding, it could mean that you need to take time to relax. Walking takes much longer than riding a bike. Perhaps it's an indication that there are easier paths to take. If you're working on expanding your current knowledge, it could mean that the topic of study isn't as complicated as you imagine it to me. To see a gun many mean that you have some kind of confrontation going on in your waking life. You dodging bullets may be your attempt to avoid the confrontation. You looked back because you put stock in the well-being of the girl, even if it meant risk to you. It could be that someone you care about is in a confrontation and you want to protect them.  

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