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I recently had a very strong emotional dream. I was falling in and out of sleep during the day when it occurred. It was very short but has left me thinking about it for the last few days. It was very short but from what I remember I was in a room I've never seen before. There were large mirrors to my right and it felt like it could have been a bedroom or something. I was standing in the room and a boy who was about 4 or 5 walks in. He hugs me very tightly and I hug him back. In this moment I recognise him to be my son. (I am 26 and have no children and am single so I have no plans to have any at the moment.) I have never felt the love I felt at that moment before. It was an incredibly strong feeling. All I wanted to do was protect and him and I knew he felt scared. Then all of a sudden I was looking at myself not through my eyes and I looked different. Not so much in appearance but more of the look in my eyes. I seemed stronger somehow, older yet the same age. I can't stop thinking about this dream and would appreaciate any insight you might have.

Sometimes dreaming of children represents the children we once were. That young boy could represent a child aspect of you, either when you were actually a child, or a subconscious aspect of yourself. Children in general are scared of a variety of things and need someone to protect them. By your willingness to protect the child, it made the man aspect of yourself stronger. We all have these different characters in our subconscious and when the same sense of well-being and love is passed to them all, it helps create a more balanced and at peace person.

Hope this helps.  

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