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Hello my name is Debbie, I'm 20 years old and I've been having dreams about ghosts since I was young
There always in a different location and always about different dead people sometimes its my relatives/friends that's passed away but most the time its about people I don't know that's passed away.
Sometimes I can be just talking to them or they can be trying to scare me but it don't work for them because I don't seem afraid in the dream, why do I dream of ghosts? They happen like 2 times a month atleast and everytime I have one I feel tired and worn out when I wake up what's the cause of this?
I've become less scared over the 12 years I've had them, they become more frequent when I turned 15 and still are frequent (I've been ill a lot since I was 15) not sure if that would make me more sensative or not? Hope to hear your thoughts and thanks :)"

Hi Debbie. I've had the same experiences. With that frequency, I'd say that they are trying to communicate with you. They could be telling you things you need to know, or just trying to bond with you because you can connect with them. Sometimes relatives and friends will have foresight and warn you about things that are going to happen in your life. I'm glad that you're not afraid of them.

The reason why you feel tired afterward is because you're a living being and they are pulling at your energy. I don't think they're trying to harm you, but they need that energy to communicate with you.

There are a lot of books about psychic protection that have grounding exercises that could help you or help you to not allow them to use your energy. If you don't mind the ghost dreams, there are books about how to communicate with spirits also.

Here's a link with some grounding exercises to give you the idea of what grounding exercises are if you are unfamiliar: http://www.anisoptera.com/grimoire/ground.htm

I hope this helps!  

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