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I keep having these dreams of having sex with my ex wife. I also keep having dream that we are having a baby together and we are happy and still together. We are in the final stages of our divorce we're not actually divorced yet. It is very frustrating to keep having these dreams because I have no feelings left for her because she hurt me so badly cheating.  I need to know what it means so I can get on with my life.  In normal life she actually repulses me by her decisions and behavior.

Hi Sean -

I think the reason you're dreaming about your ex-wife is because you have a lot of sexual experience with her. It may be awhile since you've had sex with or anyone else and so your subconscious is demonstrating its urges. Or you're realizing your need to move forward and your mind is taking you back to reservations you had about your ex wife when you first got together that could relate to your sexuality. I think the baby just represents new beginnings and the "birth" of your new life as a result of your divorce.

I've had very similar dreams about my ex husband. He was the first person I had sex with and so I feel that when my subconscious tries to demonstrate urges, it puts his face to the visual since he was the only face my mind could use.

I assume the reason our minds don't create strangers is because sometimes we need to finish the dream and seeing a stranger may create reservation or wake us up.

If you were with your ex for a long time, or longer than any other lover, it could explain it.

Hope this helps!  

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