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This was not a dream but after parking my car, as soon I got out the car (Garage parking) I smelled a foul odor like the smell of a dead rat, I thought maybe it was in the garage but the smell did not disappear until i walked into my building (apprx 1/2 a mile from where I parked my car. Does this have a meaning that something has happened or going to happen.

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I know from experience that sometimes the smell of a dead rat is in fact the smell of a dead rat. While it's possible that you were stuck downwind of something foul smelling such as a landfill or sanitation department, it's also possible that the smell could mean something. Because you walked such a far distance and the smell lingered, that's a larger sign that it could mean something. While this isn't a dream, in dreams smell usually indicates either an anxiety or a past memory associated with the smell. Always be open to your senses as they impact dreaming as well as waking life. In dreams, knowing things with your senses helps you with dream recall. Examples are colors, temperatures, and tastes. It's possible that the smell was linked to whatever you were thinking about at the time. It could be that an idea is "dead" or needs to be "thrown out". I hope this helps, and I'm glad the smell went away.  

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