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I've had a dream that I met a kind, loving man whom I became intimate with and we fell in love.In my dream, I saw his face and when he hugged me and kissed me, it felt so real, so safe, so loved. but I never met this man in real life, only in my dream. I had this dream a few times,not exactly the same but very close. Then another time I dreamed of this same man & I walking side by side, holding hands and he leaned in to me, and told me he loves me. This recurring dream happened all within a year. Then,about a month ago, I met a man who looks just like the one in my dream, and when he held me it felt just the same in my dream. am I just imagining that this man I met in real life and beacme friends with is the one from my dream or is there another meaning behind it? what does it all mean?

I think the man from your dream could just represent what you want and crave from a relationship.  I'm glad you found someone who fits into that mold for you. Be careful not to treat him like he's the man from the dream or hold him to the same expectations as the man from the dream. How people are in dreams and how they are in waking life can be two very different things.  

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