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QUESTION: Please can you help me understand this dream. I have a son who is 8years old. He was born 04/04/04. Last night i had a dream that my husband got a new job and we moved far away from where we live to this huge double storey house built on a farm. We were very isolated . people kept on trying to come into my house to kill my son. They said he had some kind of powers and that he was not supposed to grow up. And if he did he would be very powerful. They really tried very hard to kill him. Then my late Dad came to my house and he said that he would help us and his grandchild was very special. But he insisted that we wrap my son in a duvet so that the people that wanted him dead would not be able to smell him, and that apparently was how people knew where he was by his scent.  So eventually my dad helped us wrap this child and escape in the middle of the night.

Please can you help me decipher this dream, because just before i dreamt this, i also dreamt of my very close friend who hung himself a few months ago. He came in my dream and was smiling at me and said Sam on the 16th. that is all he said and left.

Thank u so much for your help and God bless.

ANSWER: Your son has a very neat birth date.

To dream about blankets is a symbol that represents warmth, love, and protection. I think your dad was just trying to tell you that your son will grow up well with plenty of love.

I think the rest of the dream implies that you shouldn't isolate your son because it will limit what he does with his life. It would "kill" his potential. The way your dream presented this to you was through relocation to an isolated farm. A child on an isolated farm may not have the same opportunities as a child that grows up around more people, more schools, etc.

I'd pay attention to "Sam on the 16th." Who or what is "Sam"?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

i am sam, my full name is Samantha. he was my very close spiritual friend.
why do u say my sons birth date is neat. also imust admit as a mother i feel that my son has something on him, not sure what but i also get the feeling that he has some specialness about him?

Sorry that I didn't look at your name when you sent in the question or I would have been able to know that your friend was talking to you. I'd be careful about anything that could be applied to the 16th, such as a day in the month. Example is December 16th for instance. When events happen that the dead try to warn us of an event, it can take many months (or even years) for their warnings to manifest.

Your son's birth date is neat since he was born in the fourth month, on the fourth day, in a year that ends in four. Four in tarot represents the mind, body, and spirit becoming balanced in the physical world and also represents logic.

You say your son has something on him. I'm not sure what you mean by that. You mean like an energy or entity? I think that all children have energies around them. I have a three year old and I have noticed this at times with him. Since I am Wiccan, I do things like make dream pillows with herbs and such to keep them away or charge crystals. Depending on what type of faith you have, you can use whatever works for you. If you pray, pray for him. If you don't have a faith, touch the top of his head and think loving thoughts toward him. some energies are negative. It doesn't mean they are going to hurt your son. And some energies are positive like angels or spirit guides.

I also feel like my son is special. It might be an opinion that all parents have about their children. Each child has gifts or abilities that make them different from other children. Some might have a great memory or be very creative and the ways they manifest those abilities are sometimes amazing. Mothers are generally very intuitive with their children. You might be very connected to him intuitively which makes you realize he is special.

As his mother, the best you can do is to keep him out of harm's way and to encourage areas where he is strong. Sometimes it's not wrong to build on their weakness as that will help them later in life.

Hope this helps!  

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