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Hi, I had a strange dream in the second part of the night, one of those dreams you wake up with a powerful memory of. I was leaving in a big house more like a castle but it was somehow underground, I had to go under a tunnel to get there. I was an adult but I was playing with a toy train. Suddenly a heard outside somebody calling me: Hy, hyyy. It was someone like a wizard resembling to Hagrid from Harry Potter. I let him in. He brought me some animals very strange looking: one like a long dog and another like a dark skin dwarf with small teeth (maybe like the Tasmanian devil). I remember there was a white strange figure there as well. That's about it.
I'm not sure if any connection but I'm about to sit a very stressful and life-changing exam in few weeks.

I'm sorry it took me a few days to answer your question.

A castle is usually a symbol of protection, especially when paired with other symbols like going underground and having to use a tunnel. You have a need for security if you live in the tunnel. The tunnel is another symbol that relates to needing security as well as representing an exploration of your subconscious. To play with a train means that you want more control over your life and the direction it is heading. Seeing a wizard implies that you are trying to work on your skills or possess power. I'm not sure what the animals represent without knowing exactly what they were. I have seen something like a Tasmanian devil myself, and it's usually been most like some kind of possessed cat.

I think this dream could have a lot to do with your upcoming test if taking the test might provide you security like pushing you toward a graduation or coming into a career. And you're probably isolating right now to study.

Hope this helps!  

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