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My name is Chad. My d.o.b. is 02/05/84. I had this very vivid dream last night. I dreamed I was in another life as a young man. I guess you can say I was renovating this house because I was building a newer one from an old and dilapidated house. It felt like it was my house. There also were what felt like construction workers and some family members around me.  I was walking around the backside of the house when I stopped and began urinating outside. I remember feeling very good about it. There was a woman off at the top of the hill who happen to see me. I felt somewhat ashamed so for some strange reason I decided to pretend there was a toilet in front of me where as I pretended to flush it. Once I turned and walked away from the place where I urinated, I noticed there was some strange kind of wooden gazebo and garden left in its place.

I proceeded to the back of the house where I began climbing up this platform and then to these very peculiar stairs. They were wooden and old and looked like they had been made in some African tribe. Unlike any set of stairs I've ever seen before. I remember thinking that I need to modernize and fix them.

I climbed up the stairs and entered a bathroom. Funny thing is there wasn't a toilet there. Instead there was a sewer pipe. I begin to pick up the pipe and clean it. Another gentleman came in to assist me. I stuck a stick with cloth attached into the pipe and began to pull out hair and black guck. I said to the gentleman "This is going to take all day." Suddenly the pipe busted out water and white foam with spots of blood. For some reason I was thinking it was from a woman's menstrual cycle. From that point I began to wake up. But just before I awoke I remembered the stairs. I think I had went back to them. I'm not sure because in my mind they were now brand new. They turned out better than I thought. They looked perfect. I felt like they were stairs made of better wood and they were from the future. They were as if created by someone better than I.

This was the most vivid dream I've had to date. I woke up feeling so good this morning despite my most current circumstances. Can you please interpret this dream for me? I would very much appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


Hi Chad.

The house in dreams represent the self. Because the house was old and you were renovating it, it could mean that you are giving up on some old beliefs to create room for growth. And yes, that would create a very positive feeling! Since you have family and construction workers with you, it could imply that you aren't alone and have a good support network. Your urination could be a cleansing and release of negative emotions. Seems like you were also marking your territory, which is a healthy thing to do. Seeing a toilet in a dream means that you need to release some emotions or "flush" (get rid of) some issue. Since you didn't see a toilet either inside or outside, I'd say you've taken care of whatever issue you had. The garden and gazebo symbolize the growth that comes from letting go of past issues and moving forward with who you want to be. Stairs indicate making progress in mental or spiritual areas. Stairs represent a higher level of understanding. Because they were old, maybe you felt they were unsafe and you wanted to revamp them to reflect who you are and what you seek. You cleaning the pipe showed that you care enough to try to fix what is yours. Menstrual blood specifically represents the release of tension and worry. It means you've been creative recently and it's a good time to relax. The new stairs are a great sign, and they represent your new path and new level of understanding.

Your dream sounds very positive and I hope it does reflect some great new changes you've been making.

Hope this helps and thanks for the question.  

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