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Last few weeks i'm having (not too often) dreams in which i'm experiencing a dangerous situation, e.g. losing balance or seeing an object fly towards me. I always get very shocked (like a mini heart-attack), wake up and at the same time my body does a quick move, like a dodge. My question is: What is it caused by? And Is this dangerous for me? (excluding that i almost fell off the bed.)
Thanks in advance

The quick move is a nerve response. Your brain isn't signaling well the difference between dreaming and wakefulness when you're on the cusp of sleep or waking up suddenly. In waking life you have a fight or flight response and your brain is just reacting to that. It isn't going to harm you, although I hope you don't fall off the bed!

The rush you experience also isn't bad for you. It's healthy for your heart to get a small thrill occasionally. However, I'm sure it interferes with your sleep and keeps you awake for at least a few minutes. If something is going on in your life that gives you the same rush, it might help to resolve that issue as best as you can with your subconscious so that you can get some better sleep.  

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