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I dreamed that I went to this office with my hubby to inquire about helping my brother get an apartment. The man I was talking to was a cauacasian man with oily black hair. He was dressed like a priest in all black with a white collar and he wore glasses. It began to rain and the weather turned into a hurricane and tornado at the same time. The man  closed the window but the office began to get filled with clear water up to our knees and continually rising. I remember drinking some water and I got really sick because the water was contaminated. I poured 2 capfuls of bleach in the water to  purify it and make it drinkable and I dranked it and then I vomited out of my mouth, nose and left ear. The vomit was thick and yellow and what came out of my ear was not vomit but a very long yellow coil. I felt so much better after I dranked the purified water and vomited. bug My hubby and I went upstairs to the 2nd floor and looked out of the window and the weather was pleasant and sunny and we saw a boat full of people on a lake/river. The boat was moving and it hit something and all of a sudden a bunch of snakes jumped in the boat and I told my hubby that the boat had hit a snake den.

A few days after that dream, I had a dream that our(my hubby & I)
bed was broken but only at the foot and the bed was very wobbly and squeaky.

You have a lot of different symbols in this dream.

To dream about an office may imply that you're overworked or stressed. Apartments in general signify your financial state.

Rain represents forgiveness and grace or tears, crying, and sadness. A hurricane signifies sudden unexpected changes and can be related to your emotional state. A tornado represents extreme emotional outbursts. I think it's interesting that you saw a tornado and hurricane.

Drinking the water represents spiritual refreshment. Bleaching the water is healing and cleansing. To vomit is to reject or discard. Since it came out of your mouth, you need to express yourself. Your nose represents energy, intuition, and wisdom. Your ear represents your need to be responsive and receptive.

A boat means you can cope with and express your emotions. The calm water after the storm goes alone with this. Snakes represent fear and worry.

With all of these symbols together I feel like there could be something going on in waking life that you're avoiding from an emotional perspective. I think this dream represents that you have strong feelings about an issue and haven't said anything about it. The end of the dream shows that if you express those emotions, it will go well.  

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