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Let me start by saying that I'm 11 weeks pregnant today. And my boyfriend and I are having problems.

In dream one I was chasing my boyfriend on the highway. It was like we were broken up but he was cheating on me. Then he was chasing me thru so much stuff. Later on I'm at my aunts house and I'm in pain; in the dream I didn't know I was pregnant; I end up giving birth to a little boy but he's more cat-like. He looks like a cat. The face shape; he had paws instead of legs and arms; and he ran like a cat. Thcat baby eventually dies & my aunt brings him back to life and this time mhe comes out looking like a baby boy. I say he looks so much like somebody that's not the father. No relation.

My second dream was so real. I had to use the bathroom so I go. I start smelling period. So when I look its just gushing! So much pain begins. I grab a pad and then I freaking out I knpq I have to go to the hospital. So I'm paceing in front of my stepmom and dads bedroom like i need togo but i cant tell him.

My third dream I was in walmarts parking lot but it was almost like a hospital too. My brothers grandmother was inside on ice because she had got shot. Police ask if we knew anything. Of course we didn't. My stepdad was chasing my mom and a cop was behind them. He crashed into a fence and he got out with a gun; she tried to talk to him but he shot her. The cop then shot him. I'm looking from across the parking lot and scream. Some lady tells me to get into her car to hide. So i do in the front passanger seat. A guy comes up and she's talking to him when he pulls a gun and shoots her. I'm in the floorboard. And just saw this lady get killed not even 2 feet from me! He then comes to my side & opens the door shooting me 3x.

Now his dream

He's at the park with his family when some guy comes up to them and starts a fight. The random dude pulls out a knife and so does my boyfriend. The man swinging at his aunt and she's ducking and weaving. To not get hit. Next he goes at my boyfriend so my boyfriend stabs him in the neck and body a few times. The man falls over dead but my boyfriend was expecting him to get up and live cause the wounds weren't deep. But he doesn't. My boyfriend decides to dump the body and to hide it. But when he goes outside to an orange van stops at the stop sign and goes back. Calls the police. They show up. Cops are looking in peoples houses. And talking to everyone. My boyfriend was hiding the stuff. (Clothes and knifes) he hid the knife in the bathroom cabniet. Also, he tries to call a family member that lives outta state. But he can't really talk b/c police were there. He would have been fine with it if there was a self defense law. He then wakes up.

Hi Stacie,

I saw your dream in the question pool and thought I would answer it.

From the amount of conflict in these dreams, I can only assume that they are to do with the problems you are having with your boyfriend.  Obviously you've been arguing a lot with him lately and it seems the cause of this conflict lies on both sides.  Eg, in your first dream, you were chasing your boyfriend on a highway so in teal life, you've probably been questioning him a lot about things and he has avoided or run away from these questions.  Then the scene changes to you being chased by him, so he is then accusing you of things and "dragging you through stuff" so to speak, and you are avoiding giving a straight answer perhaps.

Giving birth in dreams is often about starting something new in life - which could be about your new baby and being a new parent.  You gave birth to a cat-like boy in your dream.  Often, cats can represent independence so it could be about being independent from your boyfriend or going it alone.  However, when the boy dies, your aunty revives him and he becomes a real boy.  This is quite a hopeful dream, and it might symbolise that here is something about your aunty's approach to life that could really help you in your current situation.  What kind of person is your aunty?  How do you think she would handle your current situation?  If you did what she would do, do your think it would make your situation better?

A lot of pain occurs in your dreams.  In your second dream, you know you need to go to the hospital, but you can't tell anyone, although you really want to.  This might be suggesting that you are feeling a lot of emotional pain at the moment and you know you need healing over this pain, but for some reason, you don't feel able to do anything about it.  This pain may have been caused soley by your current situation, but it might also stem from something in the past, be it your own problems from the past, or witnessing and being affected other people's problems.

Hospitals often represent the need for healing in dreams and 2 of your dreams featured a hospital so this is just reinforcing the need for you to seek help over the emotional pain within you.  Your third dream was situated in a car park, which can suggest your life feels like it is on hold at the moment.  The walmart can represent the need to make choices but as it was almost like a hospital, it is almost like you need to get healing before you can make any choices in your life.

In this dream, your stepdad shot your Mum.  This could either mean that your Mum and step Dad also have a lot of conflicts, or they could simply just represent part of your self and the conflict within you - it is difficult to say but I am sure you will know the answer to this.  Police in dreams can symbolise a need for justice and retribution.

Your boyfriend's dream is really similar to yours in that there is a lot of conflict and police are involved.  However, he is the one doing the killing - although it is in self defence.  It is interesting that at the end too, you said he would've been ok if there was a self-defence law.  I think this is saying that he feels that any unkind things he has said or done to you has been in self-defence.  But when it comes to matters of the heart, there is no such a rule and his behaviour is not excused - especially since you are pregnant and your hormones are going crazy and it is quite normal to be extra cranky during this time.

It seems that there is a lot of anger and perhaps even resentment between you and your boyfriend, and it is just going to go round and round in circles unless something changes.  Someone has to break this cycle of blame and conflict.  Do you think it would be possible to just commit one or two weeks to just not retaliating or reacting negatively to things (no matter how provokative his words are) and just see where thins go from there?  (I know how difficult this can be!!!  Hahaha!). After a couple of weeks, it might then be possible to sit down and talk to your boyfriend about how you feel without it turning into another argument.  You are obviously really hurting over something.  Maybe you can explain this to him?  Things just need to calm down a bit first.

Well, I have skimmed over a lot of the detail in these dreams and just given an overall interpretation so if you need me to go into more detail about certain parts of the dreams, please feel free to send a follow-up question.  I would be only too happy to help.

Take care of yourself.

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