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Dream Interpretation/Bees swarming, then turning into humans that come after me.


I had a particularly disturbing dream last night. I was at my dead grandmothers house (my parents named me after her). She however wasnt in the dream. I stood outside her home with four people I dont actually know, one being an elder man. About two houses from us, bees began to arrive then swarm and got more & more. I dont know why, but I could sense that they were coming for me. I ran inside and tried to hide my daughter and nanny. The elder man came in after me with a knife and said that the bees were after me & the sins of our forefathers were the cause he said, he didnt hurt me & I took the knife away from him & placed it on the floor. We went back outside and the buzzing swarm started to descend and upon ground level, turned into adult human beings all wearing black, male and female. They started walking simultaneously towards me. We ran into the house and after a while they tried opening our locked door. I jumped awake then, it felt so real. What does this dream mean.

Bees are actually a really great and positive dream symbol. They can represent wealth, good luck and harmony. If the bees were to sting you, it would represent that someone else hurt you.

To see someone else holding a knife indicates that you're lacking control or power, possibly in a relationship. It can also represent a dominant male figure. You mentioned an older male. If there's an older male in your life who is dominant or significant in your life, I believe this is who it represents. It could be your father, some kind of mentor, etc.

A priest represents spiritual needs and looking for guidance.

I think it's positive that no one hurt you. No one stabbed you and none of the bees stung you.  

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