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I just had a dream that really was disturbing! I'm a paramedic and so is my friend! I just woke up after a extremely disturbing dream that I got an emergency call to his house for his daughter( baby) who was unwell. (In reality my friend and his wife, have just adopted a little girl) when I arrived there was another paramedic crew on scene and they told me as I arrived that the baby was dead, even going into explaining that the baby was displaying signs of pooling( a sign of unsalvageable death) I went in to the house and held my friend and his wife, who blamed themselves and I comforted them! My friends wife even travelled in the ambulance with the body, while I drove my mate to the hospital behind to identify the body! Then I'm in a fun house with walls into different rooms that have the alphabet letters shaped through them and me and my girlfriend in the dream ( fictional lady) had to climb through different letters to spell each others name whilst discussing supportive measures for my friend and his wife

I have psychic tendencies and have dreamt situations before but this truly freaked me out. ! Help

Hi Kevin,

Quite frequently, dreams about death represent an end to something in your life.  Dreams about death are often said to symbolise change in your life because with any ending comes something else, or something new.  Life changes in some way.

Are you very close to your friend?  Did you spend a lot of time with him?  I am wondering whether this dream represents a change in your relationship with your friend, now that he has a child.  Particularly if you don't have children yourself, there can be a major change in the dynamic of a friendship when one party becomes a parent.  Some extra evidence to suggest this might be what the dream is about was that at the end of the dream, you and your girlfriend were trying to figure out how you could support your friend and his wife.  So you might now be wondering how you can be supportive to your friend and his wife (or how can you continue to be a good friend) now that they are new parents.  Alternatively, this part of the dream might be about how you can continue to have fun with your friend (eg: you were in a "fun" house) now that your friend has other responsibilities.  

Do you have a girlfriend in real life?  Do you remember the name of this girlfriend in your dream?  (Her name might have some special significance to you.). Women in deams often represent our more nurturing, emotional, creative and intuitive side, so it may be this side of yourself that you are soulsearching with to try figuring out how to keep your friendship strong.

Well that covers the symbolic meaning of the dream.  If you have had premontion type dreams before then this would indeed be a very worrying dream!  I have done a little bit of research into the subject of precognitive dreams and unfortunately it seems that there is no simple way to determine whenther a dream is a premonition or not (until after the fact of course).  I think though, that no harm can be done by talking to your friend about it and just asking him to be extra vigilant.  Do they have a baby monitor?  Maybe you could buy them a gift along those lines?  You don't have to go into great detail about the dream you had (maybe just mention it briefly if you think it appropriate) but maybe you could just say that for your own peace of mind, you need to know they are taking all the right precautions (eg: good sleeping arrangements, immunisation, etc).  If you are a paramedic then that would seem a natural conversation to have anyway and I don't think he would take offense.  The good thing is that your friend is also a paramedic so would be in the best position to do something should anything go wrong.

In all likelihood, this dream is to do with you and your friend's changing relationship (and the new baby would represent that change because he/she is the reason for the change) so don't worry too much, but it never hurts to take precautions.  I would be more than happy to help further if you have more questions or comments.  You can just send me a follow-up question.

Take it easy.

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