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I had this dream last night and it seems really random to me and was wondering what it meant. My mom and I were on a plane, the plane crashed in jersey shore, i dont remember the crash happening but anyway, then we ended up in the middle of a baseball field but people were playing cricket, then this weird asain kept coming up to me as I was trying to walk through the field to get to my mom in the stands, he was following me but he was playing in the cricket game, someone hit a ball and it came right toward me and almost hit me, so I ran to the stands to get away from the asain, i sat down with my mom in the stands, i heard a song on the radio that i liked so I used an app i have on my phone to figure out the name of it, but another weird guy next to me kept talking and messing up the app and then would make fun of the app cuz it wouldnt work, then I woke up humming the song.

To dream about a plane crash usually signifies that you're setting expectations for yourself that are too high. A baseball field signifies new opportunities that are coming your way. I'm not sure if there's a specific meaning for the game of cricket, but it could be that it's disguising your new opportunity. You ran out of the baseball field and into the stands to avoid the ball. This could mean that you're trying to avoid an opportunity. Is there an opportunity in waking life that you know of that maybe your mother doesn't want you to take? Sometimes dreaming of your mother actually represents your mother. Or could represent the nurturing side of yourself. It could be that you are trying to protect yourself from the fear that sometimes accompanies new situations/opportunities. The best advice that I can give you about the song is to know what song it was. Sometimes the lyrics can be symbolic or the music itself sets a mood. If the song was messed up, that could represent chaos. Since you said it's a song you like, if the lyrics made you feel good, then it could be a happy dream. I think it's cool that you woke up humming the song.  

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