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QUESTION: "One and a half years ago,i and my cousin(phupho's son) have joined together with  nikah(Half Marriage),but i have not departed yet.Before nikah i saw a dream that my fiance's mother gave me an ugly ring neither gold nor diamond.i was looking in dream that i didn't put that ring on my finger.Then after one year of nikah,i saw another dream that my another cousin(uncle'son) gave me a shiny diamond ring,which i first put on middle finger,but it was tight on middle finger then finally i put that ring on my ring finger.i was so scared in dream to show it to anybody." Then recently my brother dreamt that that uncle(another cousin's father) gave my mother two diamond rings.which she accepted and put on her fingers.what will be the meaning of this dream.plz.. interpret this dream soon..

ANSWER: To dream about jewelry as a gift that you need to incorporate the qualities of the gift within your own self. Since you felt that the ring was ugly, you don't want ugly things. It makes since you wouldn't want to wear it or show it off since it was ugly. A ring represents emotional wholeness and commitment. It could be that you are committed to your family. In America, the middle finger is an insult  and can represent practicality, caution or hoard work. Moving it to your ring finger from your middle finger symbolizes loyalty and commitments. I think the two rings for your mother symbolize her acquiring two beautiful things in her life. It could represent new family members or anything she would be proud to display.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thanks indeed.your interpretation seems to be true.i don't like my fiance(would be husband)(giver of ugly ring)due to some his bad images. you didn't tell clearly,who i am committed to or loyal to??
the giver of an ugly ring ??or the giver of the diamond ring.these are two different persons.what do you say about the giver of an ugly ring and the giver of diamond ring.and what to do mean by 'new family members'.i have read
on any website,that 'ring finger' is associated with marriage.what would you say??

I think you're committed to the one who gave you the ring that you moved from your middle finger to the ring finger. I don't know about the rest of the world, but in America we do put rings on our ring finger when we get engaged/married. I think your dream showed that you're more committed to staying with your family than you are to getting married.  

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