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I dreamed i was on the battle field against an army from Game of Thrones (a series i watch). Eventually the army destroyed us and for some reason my house was on the battle field, it was the only building there and everything came down to my house. The army gave me time in my bedroom before i think they would kill me.

My re-ocurring dream i have is where i constantly arrive at some turnstiles and the group i'm with who i dont know go through to the lift on the other side and i can't get through.

What do these mean please?


Dreaming about being in a battlefield usually represents some kind of major new problem in your waking life, like a new relationship. The house represents the self and your own soul. To specifically dream about a bedroom signifies aspects of yourself that you want to keep private. It may also be where you go for sanctuary if you live with others. I think that you simply need to identify your biggest problem in waking life so that you know why you feel like you are in a battle. Dreaming of a house may mean that you're putting yourself first or that you're protecting yourself. If you're having a conflict with someone else, it could be that they are trying to get you to do things that you feel take away your privacy. I don't know much about what a turnstile is, but I would think that you being blocked may imply that there's an obstacle in your way for something bothering you in waking life.  

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