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I just had a dream that I am eating lid of my garbage bin and in dream I am thinking its to lose weight but it doesn't smell nice and I force myself to eat it. Then I saw myself with a tutor from my childhood that I did not like very much teaching me to solve math problems but I have always been good in math in real life and don't really need his help. Then I saw a mall from my childhood but its in my current location and a girl is ordering sandwich in a store and the lady is having trouble understanding her order due to customers accent. Please advise me of the meaning of this weird dream. Many thanks

Eating alone symbolizes loneliness and depression or a need for comfort. A trash can represents unwanted ideas, thoughts and memories. Since you thought in the dream that it was to lose weight, it makes me wonder if someone told you or if you believe that you need to lose weight. I'd think based off of the negative meanings of eating alone that you find it unnecessary or don't like the idea. "Eating trash" would usually imply eating junk food. But if you're eating well or better, maybe you think the new healthier stuff is "trash".

To see a tutor means you're seeking personal advice or guidance. Doing math or studying math means evaluating a situation and having to make a rational decision.

To see a mall means you're trying to make a favorable impression. A sandwich represents stress and pressure or your ability to do two things at once.  

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