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Would you be able to offer an interpretation of a recurring dream I keep having?

It always starts the same way, i'm away from home on business. In a hotel, when there's gunmen in the lobby shooting people. There's a beautiful blonde girl and her boyfriend taking refuge. Her boyfriend is cowering and doing everything to evade the men, even offering his girlfriend to them so he can escape. I step in, somehow managing to rescue the girl and put the gunmen down.

Fast forward a week or so, I've missed all my business appointments (naturally worried that I would lose my job) to take care of the girl, and her boyfriend is still there. I found out that she has Multiple Sclerosis and her boyfriend has been neglecting her, but i'm madly in love with her. She feels the same but cannot escape her boyfriend who is controlling her and preventing her from leaving under the guise that her condition will make me leave her.

It ends up with my argueing with her boyfriend, who in a fit of rage kills the girl and I wake. Always the same dream, occurs every few days and I wake with an immense feeling of upset / remorse.

I am single, very work focused and have no love interests. Naturally i'm confused as to the meaning behind these dreams...

Any help or advise would be appreciated.

Hi Ross - and happy new year!

Recurring dreams can represent something really important in your life that you are having trouble resolving.  Because your dream was set on a business trip, I think this dream has something to do with your career and work situation.  Perhaps the gunmen represent something which is going on at work at the moment?  Maybe you are feeling like you are "dodging bullets" lately so to speak?  If so, then this is at least partially what the dream is about.

Sometimes, the people in our dreams represent some aspect of ourselves and I think that both the beautiful girl, AND the neglectful boyfriend symbolise something of you.  Firstly, the beautiful girl seems to represent something you really love, a passion of yours perhaps or some strong personal beliefs.  The girl could represent some aspect of your personality, maybe your creative, intuitive, caring or sensitive side.  Or maybe she is simply about a strong desire for a loving relationship?  I'm not exactly sure what she represents but have a think about it.  Maybe even try digging into your past.  Did you have any strong hopes for your future when you were younger?  What kind of person did you want to be when you grew up?  Now think about how that compares to where you are now.  

The interesting thing is that the beautiful girl had multiple sclerosis.  MS is an autoimmunine disease where a person's own defense system mistakenly attacks Itself.  This suggests that you might be attacking/destroying some aspect of yourself as some kind of self preservation mechanism.  Maybe you are denying some aspect of your life for fear of losing your job or something like that???  Specifically, MS attacks the protective skin on nerve cells.  This could either represent a play on words.  for example,  your nerves may be exposed at the moment and perhaps you are feeling quite anxious.  Or maybe this passion of yours makes you feel quite nervous some how.  Alternatively, damage to the nerves makes it difficult for the brain to connect to and therefore control different parts of the body.  So maybe this is symbolic of you cutting off this neglected part of yourself from your mind or it could be about communication with others on the subject?? Not really sure about the specific nature of this part of the interpretation.  I might be over analysing things but it might be worth thinking about anyway.

With the boyfriend, he was willing to offer his girlfriend in return for escaping from the gunmen and if he represents some aspect of yourself as well as the beautiful girl  then it would again be like denying or giving up some aspect of your life as some kind of defence mechanism, much like the MS symbolism.  It is this part of yourself which seems to have control over your hopes and dreams.  For example, the boyfriend might represent that part of yourself that is too afraid to take a chance or he could be that little negative voice in your head which tells you no-one wants or cares about your passion because of whatever faults you might have.  This is similar to the part where you were looking after the girl, and the boyfriend convinced her that you would leave her because of her condition.  So it would seem that you actually have been trying to nurture this passion or other thing that you care about, but somehow, your pessimistic side kicks in and you think it will never work so just forget all about it.  In the end, your pessimistic side seems to have won out and the beautiful girl/passion gets destroyed and you wake up feeling upset and remorseful.  Also, note how you missed all your work appointments and were afraid of losing your job?  Maybe this is the bottom line for you in real life.  If you follow your passion, then you worry that you could miss out on cudos or a promotion or quite literally lose your job.

If any of this interpretation rings true for you, then it is quite clear that you have a very strong desire to pursue this passion of yours, whatever that may be.  I guess you only live once so maybe you should give it a go?  And rather than fighting with your pessimistic side (eg: arguing with the boyfriend in your dream) maybe you need to work together by doing some serious and rational risk assessment.  Maybe there is a way you can do your thing and still keep your job, or maybe you could have some other kind of backup plan?  There is always a way, but it might just be that some preparation and serious planning is needed first.

Hope this was at least a bit helpful. I would love to get some feedback on this one so please feel free to send a follow-up question or comment.

Take it easy.

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