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"Hi, Lately I have been suffering from dreams and what I have read to be sleep paralysis. Firstly I will relate to a specific dream that  have had recently. I was asleep in my bed my dream, and then I woke up in my dream (still asleep in reality), the room was pitch black but I felt the presence of something/someone, I didn’t know who or what it was but I didn’t feel right I was scared and felt like my adrenaline was pumping.

My adrenaline got faster and faster and I heard noises from the other side of the room and knocks and banging. I then lost my temper and lashed out ran across the room swinging punches everywhere trying to hit something that was not there, I was getting very distressed and swinging harder and harder hitting walls, wardrobes and doors shouting something like “come on, what do you want”. I found my self running about shouting and then starting to cry but nothing was there.

I also had a similar dream to this last night where I was playing with my mums dog on the field outside her house. I then decided to go into her house and there was someone there again but I couldn’t see them and they were telling me to leave and pushing me out. I have been trying to work out what these dreams mean or trying to tell me, so any information anyone can provide would be amazing!

Also earlier this year I suffered from what I believe to be sleep paralysis where I wake up but I cant move I can only make moan like noises and I can see a dark shadow across the room that slowly gets closer and closer until after about 30 seconds I can then move and my heart is pounding and I have to turn the TV on and the lights on!

Does this mean anything what I have been experiencing?

Many thanks,


I interpret dreams by picking out key words as symbols.

To dream about being in your own bed represents your intimate self, security, restoration and peace. I interpreted the lack of something to fight as "nothing" and to dream of nothing represents that something is missing. Getting out of your bed to fight and hit represents anger or that you keep your feelings hidden.

A dog represents intuition, loyalty, and strong values. A field could mean a number of things depending on whether it was green, plowed, or dead. Green represents abundance, plowed represents growth, and death represents pessimism. To dream about your mother represents protection and the nurturing aspects of a mother. And to dream about a house usually represents your self.

With your first set of dreams, it's possible that you're experiencing anger or anxiety in waking life. You may be keeping your feelings inside and if you express those feelings, you're stepping away from the things you're comfortable with or the ways you feel comfortable expressing yourself. Or it could mean that something you're worried about in waking life isn't really that big of a deal.

The dream about your mother's house could be a literal interpretation that someone is pushing you out of your mother's house. This could be represented in waking life with her having a relationship with her that blocks the bond you have with her. Or you could be looking for loyalty and nurturing and have to go to a house other than your own to seek it. It could mean that you're not nurturing yourself.

I think what you refer to as "sleep paralysis" is really hypnogogia. It was happening to me often and then my boyfriend told me about it. Mine is a lot like yours. It basically means that when you feel paralyzed, you're really still asleep. It's hard to move when you're asleep. It's kind of like people who try to run or yell in dreams and cannot. Your dream puts you in a familiar place, like your bed. Since you wake in your bed every day, your mind believes you're awake. You're really in the space between being asleep and being awake. The fear and the adrenaline is what really wakes you up. Here's a link that might be helpful: http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/hypnagogic-state.html  

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