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My ex and I broke up about a month ago. We didn't date very long, but established a very deep and close relationship..we both told each other things we hadn't told anyone else and both cried together and acted as if we had known each other for a long time. Our sports got in the way of things and we broke it off because we didn't have as much time for each other and did not want to get even more serious and it not work. We both still talked afterwards but after the huge fight we got into over the breakup things were kind of different. He told me that he felt different, but still had feelings. It got messy and we still get into fights because of the things we hear about each other, even a month afterwards. He goes to all of my games and stares holes through me..This week I have had about 4 different dreams with him in it. Each one creates the feelings I used to feel when I was with him. The first one was about both of us going to our family christmas' together, and cuddling etc. Then, I woke up and fell back asleep and had another about us talking about getting back together.. The next night I had another about us apologizing and him wanting to get back together. Yet again, I woke up and fell asleep and had another. I want these to go away..but I also want to know what they might mean. Thanks

I usually interpret and string together dream symbols, but I think your dreams are about the residual feelings you still have for your ex. It seems like you both have feelings for each other but aren't able to work in your relationship because of misunderstandings and the interference of other people. If you want the dreams to go away your options are to really decide you don't want to be with your ex anymore or to work it out. A good way to work it out would be to identify for sure you both still have feelings for each other and then decide to go to each other with the things other people are saying. If you go to your ex calmly and say you heard things and want to know their side of it, it would go much better than if you immediately react to it. And the same is true for how your ex behaves. And if you are both doing things that upset the other, you need to decide if your actions are more important to you than your ex. Sometimes compromises can be made to accommodate a relationship.  

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