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Can't remember how it starts, of coarse, but I'm shot in the knee almost taking it completely off, I tourniquet it & sneak into a grocery store. Ok this is when it gets weird I have the need to eat a blackberry pie & sum cheesecake like I'm starving & their the best desserts ever, then I'm caught & shot 3 times in the chest, golf ball size holes, I feel the burn, & i can see the blood pouring out of me, I'm gasping for air, & can't breath, i feel like a car is on my chest, then I start feeling death starting to take me away, then I awoke leaping outta bed, but I still had a hard time breathing, my chest hurt & knee hurt for at least 2 hours after being awoke... Was very disturbing, painful, & left me feeling weird all day & night. Please help if possible. Thank you...

A knee can represent feeling emotional, inadequate, or weak. It can also represent taking on more than you can handle. Based on the other symbols in your dream, I think it represents that you've taken on more than you can handle. To be shot usually represents some kind of self-punishment or being ashamed of your own actions.  And a tourniquet represents feeling drained or lacking in energy. When you go into a market, you're trying to fulfill an emotional or physical need. You chose two desert foods that are sweet. To be shot in the chest can represent chest pain you experience in waking life if you experience chest pain, or it can represent heavy pressure. Based on all of your dream symbols together, I think that you're just experiencing a lot of stress right now and you're feeling guilty for not being able to do more in your day.  

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