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I keep having these strange nightmares and I'm not sure if they mean anything. I've been dreaming of nothing but short nightmares for 2 weeks.

First nightmare: My alarm clock went off and I was literally having a heart attack/anxiety attack to turn it off as fast as possible. Next I ran in the hallway to turn on the light switch as fast as possible. I kept running up and down the stairs rapidly flickering  on the light switches trying to make one work (2 hallway switches). I realized the light was already on in the first place. I woke up and thought I already woke up before.

Second Nightmare: I was trying to deactivate a bomb in my microwave.

Third Nightmare: I was in a sewer tunnel and running. I saw an alligator and some weird reigns contraption. I used the thing to ride the alligator down the tunnel. The tunnel led to a doorway into a family's house (strangers). I got off the alligator and it followed me into the house. I told it to get away and it said it would come back in 12 hours (or 8). I figured it was going to come back and kill me and the family. I was talking with them and eating muffins and I was scared for them. Night came and I hid in the parents closet when they came looking for me because I didn't want to tell them they were going to die. They went to bed and when 12 hours (or 8)  passed I went back to that doorway that led to the sewers. I saw an alligator coming and I was prepared to die when another alligator (the one I rode on) saved me and killed the bad alligator.  Does this mean anything? The only interpretation I got for alligators was false friends/deceit and danger, but my alligator was tamed/good in the end. Also I'm pretty sure it's not a crocodile. Thanks in advance.

I wonder if your first nightmare involves anything in waking life that makes you feel like you are alone. When I transitioned into living alone, I was afraid to be in the dark and anxious. I'd go from room to room turning off a light in one room and leaving the light on in the next room so I'd never be totally in the dark.  Do you have any habits like that in waking life or feels startled when your alarm goes off? The other thing is that light and dark involves balance and your dream about the alligator was for twelve hours which is usually the difference between day and night.

Bombs are for explosive situations or involve anger. Microwaves are the "quick" method for cooking and can represent quick-thinking or quick-action. Are you trying to keep yourself from being angry or does it take time for you to not act or think in anger.

A tunnel usually represents the subconscious and an alligator is another symbol representing the subconscious. The alligator can also represent healing and you encountered them head on which I think is a positive thing for you to have done. It was like you were protecting the family without warning them or making them run away. Is there someone in waking life you are protecting?  Sometimes time represents the pressures of daily life. I think you're stressed, experiencing some kind of anxiety that you only feel at one part of the day (like at night), or are seeking balance in some area of your life.  

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