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QUESTION: Hi Chook! I can't figure out what this dream means at all. Things to know: A few family members died within 2 months.

I was at my house at night and watching a bunch of kids. They were very rowdy and wouldn't listen to me so I stood up on a table and asked them if they wanted to play hide and seek or tag. They immedietly ran to hide. I noticed some of them ran outside the back door and it was pitch black outside. I had this nagging feeling someone was going to get kidnapped. I grabbed two and put them inside, but I saw my little cousin run into the woods. I quickly ran after her and grabbed her and kind of pushed her in the direction of the house. Someone grabbed me and pulled me deeper into the woods. The ground started to lift up like a box and I was trapped in it, so it looked like I fell in a pit. I black out. Now I'm watching an outside tv from an invisible point of view. I see myself on tv, apparently some elf guy kissed me and that knocked me out. I see him watching the tv, with other elves, he walks away. The elf looks like a guy I recently rejected. Now I'm awake and I'm underwater, I'm holding my breath , but realize I can breath after awhile. I'm talking to some kind of elf queen that looks like my mom. I don't remember what we say. I ask her if I can see if my baby cousin made it home. She says yes and I swim to the top. I stand on the backporch of my garage. My little cousin is there and she's holding a big empty cup. I say that I bet I can throw it in the water swim in and get it. She throws it in and expect it to float, but it sinks in the huge black, murky water that now replaced my backyard. I dive in the water and grab the cup.

I'm really confused about this dream?

ANSWER: Hi Victoria!  

I'm so sad to hear about the death of your family members.  Did any of these family members appear in your dream?  Did your little cousin have some special relationship to them?  Or does she have a special relationahip to you???

Water in dreams generally relates to emotional issues so it would make sense that you would dream of dark murky waters.  This would in all probability be related to your sadness over the passing of your family members.  Playing hide and seek could also be related to your own self preservation mechanism.  Perhaps you have decided to hide your feelings for a while, or literally hide yourself away.  Of more concern is that you might be hiding your worries and your fears for yourself or others.  The house itself often symbolises yourself and different aspects of your life.  The fact that some of the children want to hide outside, and you wanted to bring them back inside, might be about not feeling yourself lately, or not enjoying, or not being motivated to do the things you always enjoyed doing, but that you want to get back on track with your life (because you went searching for the children and wanted to bring them back inside.) Being lost in the woods is really a metaphor for feeling "lost" in dark emotions in real life.  

Watching yourself on TV in a dream might be about going over your own actions in your head and trying to get another perspective on things.  It might also be about getting another prespective on this guy you rejected?  I think you must be feeling a bit confused about this guy and how you feel about him perhaps?  Or maybe you are worried about him in some way?  It seems he is not your regular mainstream kind of guy (because he walked away from the other elves who were watching TV.).  The meaning of him appearing as an elf will depend on how you feel about elves and what kind of elves were in your dream.   What kind of elf was he?  Was he like a Christmas type of elf?  Or more like a lord of the rings elf?  Also, do you have any particular views on elfs?  One common thing about elves is that they're of the supernatural world so it could be about calling on your higher powers and intuition when it comes to solving problems.  In particular, the elf "queen" would suggest getting a more authoritative and intuitive perspective on things from someone you can trust - eg your Mum!

When the dream changes to you being awake underwater, again this is about feeling really overwelmed by your emotions.  However, when you realise you can breathe underwater, this is a really good sign, and just goes to show how resilient you are.  On the other hand though, it could be just saying you are getting used to feeling overwelmed and this has become the norm for you.  If this is the case, don't be afraid to get some help, either talk to a friend or your Mum, or maybe get a check-up and tell the doctor how you've been feeling lately.  

The concern you show for your little cousin in your dream makes me wonder whether she had something to do with the deaths in your family.  The empty cup she holds is like a life which has not been lived - lots of potential, but not yet fulfilled.  Telling her that you could retrive the cup from the water is like saying no matter what happens in life, no matter how difficult and tragic things are, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.  

The fact that the black waters surrounded your house at the end of the dream suggests to me that you are feeling really down at the moment - like you are surrounded by saddness.  From all your other dreams, there is a common theme which shows an undying optimism and positive outlook on life.  I think with an amazing attitude like that, you will prevail through whatever life throws at you.  Don't forget, though, that you don't always have to be the strong one.  It's ok to cry on someone's shoulder from time to time, and it is good to get help and support from those around you or maybe on a more professional basis.  Sometimes, there is a risk with being overly optimistic that you can dismiss some real warning signs either with yourself, or with other people. Sometimes you've got to tell somebody about your concerns rather than just dismissing that nagging feeling that all is not well.  Just trust your instincts and do something about them.

Also, I feel a bit bad about how long it has taken to answer your dream - I'm very sorry about that.  Please feel free to send a follow-up question.  I promise not to take so long next time!

Take care of yourself.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes, I really agree with the black waters surrounding my house representing me, it's been a really rough time for me, but thank you. The part about hiding myself with hide in seek also matched pretty well. I really love my little cousin, I kind of treat her as if she were my own kid, she's really sweet and innocent. Hmmm, I don't really think of anything in particular about elves, he was a christmas elf (green santa hat), also he's shorter than me so that could be why he appeared as an elf in my dream lol.  I was a little sad about turning him down, but he was too similar to a guy I liked before so I didn't want to use him and I don't want to be in a relationship. And you didn't take too long, I really thought this dream was some kind of random meaningless dream before, but now I see that it does mean something! I do have one question though, can empty cups mean anything else? Like the water looked very goopy and hard to swim in, but I was able to swim in at a normal pace. I also think the cup could mean "grabbing" opportunities or change maybe, since a day after that dream I ran into the guy I likes. It was a bit strange since we haven't seen eachother for months. Sorry about the rambling  and thanks again! But, this really means something to me :)

Hey Victoria!  Thanks so much for writing back!  You really have been through a lot lately.

A Christmas elf is short - yes - hahaha!  But also, the Christmas elf is the one who makes the Christmas presents!  Hmmm, maybe this guy has a few hidden goddies in store for you!  Or maybe it just means he is a giving person who gives a lot of himself to others. Was the elf queen who looked like your Mum also a Christmas elf?  And is she a very giving person?  (Of course, all us mothers are! Lol)  If so, then this might be closer to it.  Either way, he sounds like a great guy to have around.  You sure he's not worth a second thought???  Lol! If you don't want to be in a relationship though, that's a different thing altogether so don't take any notice of me!  You can just stay friends with him.  Maybe there could be some potential there in the future?

I'm glad you asked about the cup part of the dream because there is quite a bit more to that part than what I first described.  With the cup, I think it must be to do with potential - so it could be about opportunities perhaps.  Because the cup is big AND empty, the implication is that it can be filled up with something in the future so although opportunity and potential have very similar meanings really, I think potential might be better because the cup has the "potential" to be filled right up to the brim with something.  You asked whether it could mean change - well I think so - but more like a progress kind of change - not just change for the sake of it.  I don't think it was directly related to you bumping into the guy you like the next day, but it could be around the subject of meeting guys and stuff like that.  

Here's my cup explanation... your little cousin was holding the cup, and you feel really close to her - like a mother to her.  You obviously feel quite protective of her and you said she was so sweet and innocent.  Maybe the cup has to do with your own innocence and your sweetness - something which is worth protecting??? The potential might have something to do with your innocent pure side perhaps???

In the dream, your little cousin throws the cup in the water, and you expect it to float, but it doesn't. So if it was to float, it would've meant that the cup remained empty.  But since it sank to the bottom, it must have been filled with the horrible murky water.  I am assuming that this wasn't the kind of potential you had in mind for your innocent side!   It suggests to me that there's some issue in your life which you thought wasn't going to be a problem, but it has had a much worse implication than you first thought and ended up being pretty bad.   The good part though, is that although things went worse than expected, somehow, you were able to retrieve the cup.  Also, the water - although goopy and murky - was EASIER to swim in than you expected.  So you've obviously put some effort into retrieving something for yourself and it has worked out quite well.  

The fact that this all occurred outside your garage is probably quite important too.  A garage is somewhere that you put your car while you aren't using it.  Cars in dreams are about our direction in life. SO if the car is parked in a garage, it is suggesting that the car is there in the garage, ready to be used, but in the mean time, it is just sitting in the garage.  So much like that "potential" of the empty cup.  Seems like your life is just beginning.  And even though you've had a pretty bad trot lately, I get the feeling that things can only get better for you.  You seem to have your head screwed on right!

Thanks again for your follow-up questions. I find your questions always challenge me to think a bit more and I always learn something from them.  Your willingness to share what's going on in your life is also really appreciated.  (Thanks for being nice about me taking ages to reply to your original dream too!  You are very unassuming and gracious!)

Sending kind thoughts your way - take it easy.

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