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Hi. I had a dream that I was diagnosed with cancer. I was at the doctor's office and they were examining my head and the doctor said I had to wait for the results and when she came back she told me I had cancer. It wasn't specified what type of cancer it was, but I'm assuming something with the head because that's what she was examining. If I remember correctly, I think I was initially sad about it. Then I got a text message from my boyfriend's brother and he said he was sorry to hear the news and that he loved me. I think towards the end of the dream I didn't feel sad anymore. Actually, if I remember correctly, I think I was smiling. I woke up so I didn't find out if I passed away or if it was cured. I was wondering what this means?

Hi there Jessica,

If you dream about being at the doctors and getting diagnosed with something it could be about seeking help over some issue in your life and before trying to work out a solution to this thing, you first need to find out exactly what the problem is.  That is what the diagnosis in a dream would be all about.  

If the doctor was examining your head, the problem might be something to do with your thoughts or your memories.  In your dream, the diagnosis was cancer.  As you probably know, cancer happens when normal cell division and attrition goes wrong.  Normally, when a cell becomes old and damaged, it stops dividing and dies off.  However, in cancer, the same old and damaged cell continues to divide over and over and hence a tumor forms.  Aparently, it is some part of the DNA of the cell which becomes damaged and this damaged DNA is what continues to multiply out of control.  In the dream world, this might translate to some part of yourself, or something which makes you you, has been damaged, and rather than discarding or rejecting this experience as faulty and not something you want to have invade your life, it has in fact continued to grow and may have taken on a life of its own.  Hence, invading the original you and turning some aspect of you into something else.  

For example, (and this is just an example to illustrate and might have nothing to do with what is going on with your life).lets just say you where originally a trusting person, and due to your trust in others, you where quite open with others and could easily make new friends and aquaintences.  Now lets say that somebody broke your trust by stealing something off you.  In a normal  situation, this would affect you somewhat but after time, you might dismiss it, lose contact with that person and get on with life as normal. But lets say that on this occassion, you trusted that person so much and felt so betrayed that you couldn't just forget about it.  You began to see everyone as a potential betrayer, and so your normal friendly nature changed into a more suspicious, reserved and reclusive demeanor.  Like the damaged cancer cell, the negative and abnormal experience took on a life of it's own and changed the original person into something else.  

In your dream, you were originally sad, but then your boyfriend's brother texted you, said he was sorry to hear the news and said he loved you and then after that you felt happy.  Unless your boyfriend's brother seriously wronged you in some way, I would guess that he represents some personality type or he might even represent some aspect of yourself.  How would you describe him?  How does he approach other people?  Does he remind you of someone else?  Someone from your past perhaps?  How is he similar or different to you?  The key things in this part of the dream are that he said sorry, and he said he loved you.  If you have been wronged in the past (not necessarily by him, but by anybody, or wronged by yourself in someway) then hearing that person say "sorry" can be the first step to forgiveness and then healing.  Telling someone you love them - when you think about it - is the ultimate in acceptance of that person.  So really, this part of the dream is about getting a message of forgiveness and acceptance.  After this point of the dream, you are happy.

Over all, I think whatever is eating away at your thoughts and memories, the key to being able to continue on along your original life's path, is to forgive and to accept.  Hmmm, that sounds a bit cheesy doesn't it?  Hahaha, and definitely easier said than done!  But it does seem to be the message of this dream.  Whether it is to do with forgiving yourself over past mistakes, or whether it is about forgiving past wrongs against you, or a combination of the two, I'm not exactly sure but hopefully, this is something which is obvious to you.  All in all, your dreamself has described you current situation/problems as a cancer - something which is not supposed to be there.  So the message there is that this is not supposed to be how your life goes from now on.  It's not the real you and you need to get back the person you once where.

Despite the fact that you had cancer in your dream, I think it holds quite a positive message and shows you have come to some kind of realisation about your life at this point in time.  Are you the same Jessica who had the dream about the haunted victorian house and the hole in the top of your head?  If so, then this dream shows that you are really heading in the right direction and are working toward getting your life back on track.

Well hope this was helpful.  If you want more detail about what your boyfriend's brother might represent in your dream - it could be quite important - give me a bit more info on what kind of person he is and how similar or disimilar he is from you and we can go from there.  Otherwise, if you have any other questions, please feel free to send a follow-up question.  I would only be too pleased to help further if needed.

In the meantime, take it easy.

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