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I am on a coach to university (which in real life I will be goin to uni soon) and there are gypsies at the front of the bus everyone seems to be Affraid of them you can feel the power and strength they had on this bus but I was surprised to why they sat at the front when all the 'cool' kids always sat at the back.. So I was sat at the back with my friend who I don't know talking about How excited we are for uni I then realise we are close to stopping so to avoid the rush of everyone getting off I went to sit at the front and then the gypsies were having a go at me asking what I think in doing as there the first ones to get off I was trying to be nice and said you can still get off first then they were saying to me do you think your the bad man are you trying to be a bad man and I kept saying know and then this black non Gypsy women turned around and started going yeah do you think your a bad man so I just went and sat at the back and stopped myself from crying.. We then stopped at the gypsy estate and it was a bad atmosphere and there was a man who had a scar on his forehead outside was dead freaky.. But then I got dropped off at my high school .. Bearing in mind I'm in my last year of college I then woke up ... I really don't understand

Hey Elly,

I think this dream is about the social pecking order and you worrying about how you might fit in when you get to uni.  I wonder whether, if when you were at high school, there were lots of these cliquey groups struggling to be at the top of the pecking order.  Perhaps there were a lot of power struggles or bullying going on and it just caused a really bad vibe for you most of the time?  Maybe that's why you got dropped off at your old high school in the dream perhaps?  Your dreamself is linking your fear of not being accepted with what happened to you at high school.

The gypsies might represent a few things to you.  Firstly, they travel from place to place, and this is what you are doing - you will be travelling to another place to live closer to university.  Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but gypsies aren't the most popular people in England are they?  So they might represent a lower social status or they might represent a fear or concern about not being popular when you get to uni - or something like that.  On the bus though, the gypsies seemed to hold the most power due to their intimidation of others.  This is why they held the front of the bus in your dream, because the front of the bus would represent the front of the pecking order so to speak.  You, on the otherhand, took the back of the bus, which is traditionally where lower class persons would sit in a segregationalist society.

When you went to wait at the front of the bus, it symbolised a challenge to the social norms and conventions of who is better than who, and you got a dressing down.  Maybe you are worried about breaking some unwritten rule and offending someone when you get to uni????  

In general, I think the dream is about you worrying about how you are going to fit in at uni - maybe stemming back to some bad experiences in high school. Maybe the place you will be living in is very different to Cumbria? My advice to you is to stand your ground if you get blown off by someone.  You have just as much right to be there as anyone else!  But on a positive note, I think you can expect a more civilised and positive attitude at Uni.  Afterall, you're not in high school anymore.  Those days and any bad experiences you had then are long gone.

Have fun at uni and study hard! Lol.  Please let me know if you have any other questions or comments about your dream.  I would be only too pleased to help further if needed.

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