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I was wondering if you could tell me what this one dream I had meant. So it started out that i was giving birth and the handed me my baby without telling me the gender, i unwrapped him from his blanket and saw it was a boy and all i said was “its my Hunter”. My mom was in the delivery room but my husband was not. After i went down stair to the cafeteria for food with my mom and saw my dad, brother and husband sitting at a table. I told my husband we had a son. He didn’t seem to care i told me brother and he shrugged hi shoulders. Then i was back in the room holding my son with my husband sitting beside me. The nurse came in a said that he looked just like my husband. My husband just looked and me and shrugged his shoulders. Then i was in the open parking lot caring my son. There were a lot of people and a lot of cars and a tornado was heading towards us. I was yelling at my family because they were so far away to save themselves. Then i ran under a overpass and shield my son with my body. Were the tornado passed i got up and found my family they were ok. My car was smashed but there’s was ok. So we drove to a used book store where my son during the drive became a toddler and was calling my dad grandpa. My dads eyes lit up and was smiling at my son who was on my lap. At the book store my son was around 3 or 4. There where dolls (the kind you find at a thrift store) i told him he could only have two since he picked out 4 then i kept picking out books for him and the price came out to $130 but i didn’t buy the dolls. I remember i kept kissing him on his forehead and kept telling him how much i loved him.
In reality i am married but we have no children yet. We are trying for children and we even have their names picked out. Son Hunter and a daughter Gwendalyn.
it would be great if you could tell me the meaning of this dream

Hi Stacy,

Often when people dream of being pregnant or giving birth, it is to do with giving birth to new ideas and projects, or something you are creating so to speak and not necessarily about literally giving birth.  It can also be about new ways of thinking or a new outlook on life.  Or it can be about a new phase in your life, a new relationship or career.  One clue as to what your dream baby might represent is that half way through your dream, your baby became a toddler of about 3 or 4 years old.  This might suggest that this new thing started about three or four years ago.  Think back to 2009 and early 2010.  What was going on in your life then?  Did some new phase of your life begin?  Did you have certain hopes and dreams for your life back then?  If so, then this dream has something to do with this.  Maybe it has something to do with when you started trying for a baby, or maybe it is to do with when you got married, or it could be something else like a chosen career path you were studying for - or something completely different. Have a think about it because this will be key to what the dream is about.  In the dream, your Mum was with you when you gave birth, but your father, husband and brother were not.  This could mean that your Mum somehow approves of this new thing, but maybe the men in your life are not too fussed about it - or just aren't bothered one way or the other.  

On the otherhand, the male and female dream characters (eg. You, mum, husband, dad,  brother and baby son) might have more to do with your own masculine and feminine side than representing the actual people in real life.  At the start of the dream, you give birth to a baby boy, where only women are present (your mum and yourself).  Then you go down the stairs where only the men in your life are present.  So there seems to be a separation here of male and female.  Often in dreams, males and females represent the masculine and feminine aspect of ourselves.  The femine side represents our creative, emotional and nurturing side, while the masculine side represents our analytical, practical, physical and protective side.  As the baby was a boy, this new thing in your life could be to do with either your logical/analytical, practical, physical,  or protective side.  When you go down stairs in your dream, it can represent delving into your subconscious or secret hopes and desires.   A cafeteria might represent a need to nourish some aspect of your life.  When you get downstairs and show your baby to your father, husband and brother, they just shrug their shoulders as if not caring or not really understanding.  So whatever that new thing in your life is, it may have challenged and confused your logical and perhaps even your protective/self preservation side.  So while the new thing is about your masculine side, it has also challenged and confused this side of yourself.  Hmmm, I don't know whether this is ringing any bells for you?  I would be interested in your thoughs on this so far as it seems quite a riddle to me!!!  One other clue is that you called your baby "Hunter" in the dream.  Normally, I would say this had some kind of symbolic meaning.  Hunter could suggested you are hunting, or searching for something in your life - maybe this is why that part of the dream is so confusing - you are still searching perhaps???  But since this is the name you had already chosen for your baby in waking life, I'm not certain.  

With the next part of your dream, a parking lot can represent putting your life, or some aspect of your life, on hold for one reason or another.  This can represent a turning point in your life, or it can represent a reassessment of your life's direction for example.  The tornado then comes and you have to take cover on your own with your baby.  You tell your family to save themselves.  So this would represent some kind of major turmoil in your life that you've felt you've had to endure alone.  In addition, the fact that you told your family to save themselves might suggest you have made certain sacrifices of your own hopes and dreams, in order that they might fulfill their own.  When the storm passes, your car has been completely ruined but your family's car was ok - also suggesting that you alone have made the sacrifices as cars in dreams often represent our direction in life.  As your car was wrecked by the storm, it might be suggesting that the dreams you once held for yourself and your future did not eventuate for some reason.  However, as your family's cars were ok, its saying that only your personal asperations have been affected and your family has been able to support you in how you move forward in your life - because you got in their car to drive away.

While you are driving with your Dad (was he the driver by the way?) it is then that your baby becomes suddenly a toddler.  So I wonder whether the original hopes and dreams you had for yourself have resurfaced recently?  When your baby started calling your Dad "Grandad" and your Dad's face lit up, it makes me wonder if it has something to do with following in your Dad's footsteps?  The used bookshop also suggests gaining new knowledge which has been gained by others before you.  So again, it might suggest following in someone's footsteps.  Another thing earlier in the dream is that the nurse told your husband, your baby looked like him, so again, this is suggesting that this new thing could be something you consider a more male dominated venture - or something like that???  Maybe it has something to do with being more financially independent?  Did or does your Mum have her own career or income for example?  That might explain why she was with you and not your husband.  Perhaps he sees no reason for it???  I'm not really sure, just a few things that sprang to mind which might spark something off for you.

At the bookshop, your baby wanted 4 dolls and you said only 2.  Dolls can represent your nurturing emotional side.  I wonder whether the number of dolls represents the number of children you are planning for?  This is just a guess - maybe your husband wants 4 children but you are saying only 2??  Not really sure about that, but as you walked out of the shop with no dolls, it might be just highlighting your current situation of trying to become pregnant?  Also, do you have any idea what kind of books you bought at the bookshop?  What were they about?  This might also give you a clue was to what, in waking life, this dream is about.  Shops in general can represent the choices we make in life, so the type of books you chose could represent some recent choices you have made, or choices or life options you are currently considering.  When you were kissing your baby on the forehead, this might also represent some aspect of analytical thought.

I'm not totally confident about the interpretation I've given so some feedback from you would be really helpful in getting to the bottom of your dream. While you are currently trying for a baby, I get the feeling that there is also some other, perhaps intellectual or more practical aspect to your life that you would like to pursue - or at least something which requires you to study or gain additional knowledge.

Anyway, let me know what you think - I am sure we can get to the bottom of it.  Maybe if you could give me some thoughts about what was going on in your life 3-4 years ago, this might help put the pieces of this puzzle together.  Otherwise, perhaps you could comment on where the interpretation does or doesn't make sense to, this could help too.

In the meantime, take care and thanks for sending me your dream!

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