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Dream Interpretation/pregnancy dream w/ ex and some girl


QUESTION: So as a previous question stated I'm pregnant now I'm 14 weeks and 6 days. =]

My dream was the same due date (july 13) and everything.
But in the dream my baby's father was my ex who I have not talked to in awhile. Nor seen in almost a year!

Anyway, it took place in somewhere that was like a school. A whole bunch of pregnant girls were there with their baby fathers. He was there with some girl. We stayed there 24/7. I confront him and me and the girl start fighting. People break it up fairly quickly though. He denies that he got me pregnant to her. I was furious!! Few days later I lie and say that I had the babies already. (IT WAS SIX!)  I ask to talk to him in private and ask why he's denying it how could he do that to me and his children?! He just says that he loves her and he didn't know I was pregnant. We kissed. Then he tells me he loves me. They are yelling for dna tests. (He never wanted one when we were together but my bf (babys dad wants one I miscarried w/ the ex) Also, me and thee other girl get to talking and we find out that our due dates are the same July 13th. She is bigger then I am. For some reason she starts to beliebe me and confronts him about it. Saying that we botg had to get pregnant within days of each other and if we gave birth on the same day who would he be in the hospital with? (We live in two different towns bout 30 minutes apart) and he said hers! (My bf lives in "her" town and I live in mine.) Also, for some reason we all get on a bus and he gives me 250! 2 100s and 5s and 10s. He says make sure I get home. I do and remember she said his number ends with 7777. So I try to call him amd the first number I try works!! I was so happy but didn't know what to say..

I then wake up.

ANSWER: Hey Stacie!  Glad to hear from you!  I'm really sorry to hear about your miscarrage with your ex.  Would that have something to do with the pain you felt from the last dream?  

One thing I wasn't quite sure about, when you said "they were yelling for DNA tests", who were "they"?  Was it both your ex AND his girlfriend?  Also, when you say he didn't want one but your current boyfriend did, where you talking about DNA tests, or babies?  Eg, does your current boyfriend want a dna test, but your ex did not?  Or was it that your current boyfriend wants a baby, but your ex did not?  If it's about the dna test, that is quite hurtful that your current boyfriend wants one!

As your due date was the same in your dream as in waking life, I imagine that your dream has a lot to do with your being pregnant and all the issues surrounding this.  Normally, dreams about being pregnant relate to trying to create something, or make something happen in real life or it can be about a new phase in life or some other new thing in your life.  Also, since your ex's girlfriend ended up having the same due date as you, I think she must symbolise you in some way also. Are you able to describe your ex's girlfriend?  Did she have any stand out personality traits?  How did you feel about her?  What general approach to life did she have?  In the dream, she seemed quite jealous of you and quite territorial toward her boyfriend at first, but then you became quite friendly with her.  Do you have any feelings of jealousy in your waking life?  Either with your current boyfriend, or your ex?  If so, this aspect of the dream would be about coming to terms with these feelings.  

Your dream was situated at a school - which can symbolise that there is a lesson you need to learn, or a problem you need to solve.  In general, I think this dream is really positive because by the end, there is some kind of acceptance and understanding of the situation.  It seems to me that in real life, all you are looking for, is the truth and some honesty - whatever that might be.  That is what would put your mind at ease.  Certainly, there is quite a bit of deception in the dream at first.  He denies that he got you pregnant, you lie about having already had the babies, etc. But when the truth is told, via a private chat, everything starts to calm down and the truth comes out.  And he kisses you, which, in a dream, can be a symbol of acceptance of something - acceptance of both the good and bad parts of a situation.

Also, do you still have some feelings for your ex?  Often this can happen, especially if there is some unfinnished business or unanswered questions between you.  This might explain why he was in the dream.  On the otherhand, your dream self might see many similarities between your current relationship and the one with your ex, and so these issues are symbolised by your ex.  

The part where he has to choose between being at the birth of your baby or being at the birth of the other girl is interesting because she lives in the same town as your current boyfriend.  The fact that he chose 'her' town might be saying that your current boyfriend is a bit set in his ways and wants to stick to his ways of doing things, or it could mean that your bf and ex are very similar and live in the same "world" so to speak - not exactly sure about this one.  Also, it is really interesting that the other girl was bigger than you, even though you both had the same due dates.  This seems to suggest to me that this girl had something that you yourself need.  Are you able to describe this girl more?  Was there something you admired about her?  I get the feeling that she was quite similar to you, but perhaps there was one thing she did differently???  Try to think about the similarities and the differences between you and her, and think about her approach to life.  Alternatively, did she remind you of someone you know?  And if so, how does that person approach life?

The bit at the end where you all get on a bus together is a really positive ending to the dream.  The bus symbolises that you are all moving forward with your lives, you are not getting stuck in one place.  Also, a bus is a communal way of travelling.  People travel on a bus together - so it can symbolise going through life together - not necessarily with your ex of course!  But maybe with your babies father?  It is hard to say exactly, but it does seem to be about a more  co-operative way forward.  Another thing about buses is that none of the passengers are the drivers, everyone is essentially equal on a bus, but everyone decides when they get off.  So again, this is suggesting a more co-operative relationship based more on equality.  It is also suggesting that everyone is responsible for deciding for them selves when it is time to "get off" so to speak.  Eg. It's totally up to you to decide when you've had enough, when it's time to call it quits and "get off the bus". Obviously, a difficult decision to make, but it might be of some comfort that it is a decision you are able to make if necessary.  Next, your ex tells you to make sure you get home!  So basically, this is saying, make sure you stay true to your own self and remember who you are.  A home in a dream is what symbolises you.  It is where you belong.  It is saying, make sure you get to yo who you are - don't compromise yourself or your beliefs, or what would give you and your baby a happy and contented life.  

Another interesting thing in your dream are all the numbers in it!  Numbers can often give clues as to what the dream is about.  Firstly, there was the number 6, where you lied and said you had 6 babies!  Often babies in dreams are about new things in your life or something you have created yourself.  Does the number 6 mean anything to you at all?  Six relationships?  Did something happen 6 times?  In the dream, you lied about the babies, so it could be something which is surrounded by deception in some way?  It might even relate to time: six months, six years, six weeks even, did something last that long in your life?  Anyway, have a think about it, it would be interesting if you can think of something.

The money that your ex gave you is interesting too. 250 might relate to 250 days- which ends up being 35 weeks and 5 days - which could have something to do with pregnancy duration?   Although it is not quite the full 40 weeks.  Alternatively, what was happening in you life 35 weeks and 5 days before the dream?  Maybe that is what it is all about? Might be a bit difficult to work out, but thought I'd mention it.  The other thing was your ex's phone number ending in 7777!  Again, I'm not exactly sure what this would relate to but there are 7 days in a week so it could be something to do with 4 weeks.  Alternatively, your baby is due in July and July is the 7th month.  In the dream, you were able to ring the correct number first time, so this is saying that the communication channels are now open - which is great!  Now you just have to figure out what you want to say!!!  Hahaha!  Again, it doesn't necessarily mean the communication channels with your ex, it might be about communicating with people in general.

Overall, I think the dream shows some progression from there being lots of conflict in your life, to there being more understanding and acceptance.  At the end of the dream, it is the more co-operative approach and staying true to yourself which seems to win out.  

Well hope this made some sense to you.  As always, please feel free to send a follow-up question or comment, or describe your ex and the dream girlfriend a bit more and I can give a few more ideas about what they might symbolise in your dream.  

All the very best with your pregnancy and congratulations on getting past the 3 month milestone!!!!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: My ex quit talking to me when he found out that I was pregnant about 5 years ago. He then said that he wanted it after I had a miscarriage and told me that I still had months before the child was born. He never wanted a DNA test but in the dream he and the girlfriend did. Although my current boyfriend wants a DNA test in reality. We have been together for 11 months on the 22nd. He was really excited about me being pregnant although has never been able to make it to my appointments.
Also, the girl she defended and was jealous like I am with my boyfriend. His ex was claiming she was pregnant by him and I was very defensive. (About 2-3 months into our relationship) I told her that they were going to do a DNA test. I was ready to fight her at numerous points over the last several months.
We have discussed the possiblites of having the baby in either his local hospital or mine. I think I fell for him so hard because a lot of his ways does remind me of my ex who I decided I just couldn't be with because we want two things outta life. I was with my ex for what would have been 6 years? But what I really do not understamnd is why my ex was in the dream and not the current boyfriend. The girl me and her were really similar. In the way that we protect and are jealous but still believed in what was right.

Hi Stacie,

Thanks for sharing your situatioin with me.  It must have been really hard when you miscarried, and not having the baby's father to be there for you.  I wonder if that had something to do with the boy cat baby in your previous dream?  You must have felt so alone.

The 6 babies might have represented the 6 years you were with your ex.  One other thing I noticed was that the money your ex gave you in the dream might represent that 250 days earlier  from the date of the dream might have been around the time that your current boyfriend's ex made her announcement that she was pregnant to him, maybe?  Hmmm, might be worth doing some calculations just for interest's sake...

I think your dream is one of those that has multiple levels of meaning.  One possible reason why your ex might have appeared in the dream and not your current boyfriend is that sometimes what happens is that your dream self makes conections and links between things that have happened in the past and things that are happening in your life now. In particular, if you are having similar problems with your current boyfriend as you did with your ex, then sometimes people from our past, rather than the people from our present, will appear in our dreams just to highlight that the general common issue you have had with both people is an issue which is stemming from your past.  If your ex and your boyfriend are very similar, then your dream self will definitely make links there.

On another level, symbolically, being pregnant in a dream can represent the beginning of something new in your life.  If say, your being pregnant in the dream symbolised your journey of becoming a mother, rather than the actual pregnancy itself, then this journey really started with your ex when you became pregnant to him.  Ultimately, when he was made to choose in the dream, he chose the pregnancy of his current girlfriend over yours. The girlfriend's pregnancy in the dream might have symbolised the thing that he wanted in life, while YOUR pregnancy in the dream might have symbolised parenthood.  (You said that him and you wanted two things out of life, so the girlfriend's pregnancy may have symbolised what he wanted, and your pregnancy may have symbolised what you wanted.  By the end of the dream, ere was quite an acceptance of this.)

Yet another interesting angle of this dream, is that there is a role reversal happening.  You have been placed in the position of the pregnant ex, in much the same situation as your current boyfriend's ex is!  The dream has given you a first hand account of what it must be like to be your boyfriend's ex.  This might explain why your ex's girlfriend was so much like you in the dream.  She WAS you! For some reason, your dreamself want's to know what it feels like to be her (your boyfriend's ex).  Remember how furious you felt when your ex in the dream denied that your baby was his?  In the dream, there was more co-operarion between ex and current girlfriend so perhaps this is something that needs to be considered in real life????  Much easier said than done though I'd imagine!

With those different theories in mind, it might be a good idea to re-read over your dream and see if you get any "aha!" moments.  There might be bits and pieces of the dream which refer one theory more than the other.  It must have been such a blow to find out about his ex and i don't blame you for being ready to fight her.  I guess fighting is not something you want to be doing for the rest of your life though and it would be ideal if something could be figured out before your little baby is born. Again though, something easier said than done.  I think the average woman would be reacting in exactly the same way you!

Hope this was helpful, and you are very welcome to send more follow-up questions or comments if need be.

Look after yourself.

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