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QUESTION: hello chook

ive been having really vivid dreams lately and two really stuck out to me because they are a little similer.  
one was that I dreamed about a big fern that I plucked off some healthy pieces and started planting new baby ferns with
the cuttings.  When I looked closer the ferns tips on the cuttings and the big fern all had tiny snakeheads on the tips and all the little snakes looked like they were sleeping.  

The other dream I had was that I had a really bad stuffed
nose and kept trying to blow it and all of sudden I was finally able to clean my nose and I blew out a live slug and it slowly crawled away.
Any help with these dreams would be very appreciated!!! thanks so much

ANSWER: Hi Carley,

That first dream is very interesting!  There is quite a bit of symbolism in there.  Do you have any personal thoughts about ferns?  Do you grow them at home or anything like that?  If so, then the fern symbolism might be more of a personal thing to you.  If not, then I would say that the fern is a very ancient plant which has a unique way of reproducing through it's spore on the underside of the leaves.  Ferns gnerally require alot of water and a shady spot.  so due to the ancientness of ferns as a plant, and that they modtly like shade, I would say that the fern is symbolic of you following in someone's footsteps or following family or cultural traditions.  When you were growing them from cuttings in your dream, were you doing so with regard to the spore on the underside of the leaves?  Or did you stick the ends in the ground and expect roots to shoot? sometimes ferns grow little aby ferns on the ends of the fronds which if put in soil will grow roots. I'm not sure how much difference this would make to the dream but it might be useful to know exactly how you were taking and growing the cuttings in the dream.

Growing something from a cutting in a dream to me could also have something to do with following a tradition from your family or your cultural background or something like that.  It might even be something to do with inter-family relationships, say if your family has had close ties with another family, and you are jow carrying on that relationship.  In your dream, you were taking healthy bits from the larger (I am assuming it was a older plant?)  plant in the hope that new plants would grow.  So in real life, perhaps there is some tradition that you now want to take on yourself, and you want to take the best and most healthy parts of this tradition.  So whatever this endeavour is, it is new for you, but not new for those who have gone before you.

Now when you look closer at these fern tips, you see the little snake heads (were they baby snakes heads?  Or just little snake heads?)  Interestingly, the snake heads apeared to be sleeping!  Now the meaning of snakes in dreams really depends on a lot of things including your cultural background, and your personal experience with snakes.  For example, in Judeo Christian cultures, the snake is synonymous with the devil and can represent evil and betrayal.  On the otherhand, the rainbow serpent in Australian Aboriginal culture is viewed as a creator and something pretty special in a good way.  Snakes can alao represent a poisonous situation or feeling contricted in your life (if the snakes were pythons for instance.)  Did you have any idea in the dream what kind of snakes these would be?  Did you get the feeling about whether they were poinsonous or not?  How did you feel when you discovered these snakes?  Your feelings when you discovered them will probably give the best indicator of theie meaning.

I guess in real life if you saw a snake you would be quite wary and give it a respectful wide birth.  So symbolically they might represent something or someone to be wary of and something to avoid.

If these were baby snakes, it can reprssent something new in your life.  the fact that  they were sleeping is also saying to me that whatever new thing (new for you) that you are embarking on in your life right now, when you had a closer look, you've noticed that there is some kind of dormant power (whether that power is good or not good will depend on your view of snakes).  If the snakes on the adult plant where also babies, then this dormant power might also be new to the entire tradition that you are now getting involved with.  Perhaps it is taking on a new twist that wasn't there before?  Perhaps this thing is being influenced in ways that it wasn't being influnced like before???  Maybe you were getting dragged along with this new influence without realising it????  But of course you are aware now, due to the fact that when you looked closer, you saw these snakes?  If the snakes were not babies but adults (although small adults) it migt not be such a new influence, but perhaps an underdeveloped aspect of what interest you are currently developing in your life.

I hope this explanation isn't too confusing.  Please let me know if you don't quite know what I mean.  I will try clarifying and giving some specific examples.  Either way, I would be very interesed to know your thoughts on this dream. It is quite interesting and intriguing!

Your second dream, did you have a cold or anything when you had this dream?  If so it might have influenced its content, but it will still have a symbolic meaning.  When you have a cold in real life, you feel really blocked up and congested and of course it is difficult to and smell.  So in real life, this might symbolise some kind of blockage which is preventing you from sensing and taking in what is going on around you.  Something might be getting in the way of you understanding a situation.  Something may have felt confusing perhaps?  

When you blow your nose, a slug comes out and crawls away and suddenly you can breathe again!  A slug in real life is a slimy pest which especially likes fresh new growth to eat (perhaps similar to the young baby ferns?). So in real life, it might symbolise something/someone feeding off you or your abilities or something like that?  At any rate, it might symbolise something stifling your own growth somehow.  The fact that it crawled away and you could then breathe is saying that you are feeling more freedom and are much more clear headed now about your situation and therefore, your direction in life.  There isn't really anything good you can say about a slug.  It is pretty much the lowliest of the low and you wouldn't hesitate to squash one in real life.  Unlike a snake on the otherhand, which you might fear as it could bite you.  So the second dream is a really good sign.  You no longer feel threatened by this thing in real life, you've recognised it for what it is.  The slug crawls away in your dream and you are certainly better off without it in your life!!!  (Whatever that slimy pest symbolised in your waking life!  Lol!)

Similarities I saw between these two dreams was that in the first, you suddenly noticed the snake heads, while in the second, you were suddenly able to blow out the slug and breathe better.  So this is pointing to some realisation in your waking life.  In addition to this, both the snake and the slug have no legs and crawl around on their belly.  So this might represent some lowly thing which does not hold much cudos in your eyes ( perhaps????). Another thing that may or may not be important is that both slugs and snakes have a poison.  slugs are coated in poison so they don't taste nice to predators.    so maybe this is some kind of potentioally poisonous situation you find yourself in?  Maybe the symbolic meaning of the snake in your dream IS more of a negative conotation?  Potential danger perhaps???  However, as noted above, the slug certainly has less power than a snake.  so the progression from a snake to a slug is really saying that you don't fear that threatening thing anymore.

Well those are my thoughts on your dreams.  I would be very interested to know what you think.  You can just send a follow-up question to this post and I will still get it.

In the meantime, take it easy and thanks for sending me your interesting dreams!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: hello chook

thanks so much for doing all this for me.  In the first dream I was actually speaking about a spider plant nto sure if that changes things I thought it was a fern but I was mistaken and realized it when I looked for the plant online... I was  taking the cuttings from the big plant and planting the separate pieces into the dirt in hope roots would grow,etc.  I'm pretty sure the snake heads on the tips were non poisonous they had a round shape to the head and they were green and smooth and they had a baby quality/look to them and were a vivid green color.  Im pretty sure I felt taken aback and curious w a touch of fear when I was looking at them in the dream but normally in the woods or backyard if I came upon a snake it would scare the hell outtta me lol.  Religious background I guess I have a Christian background but not practicing I always felt spiritual but never went to church,etc but I feel strongly there is a higher power that guides us/helps us etc and it is to be respected.  I had the plant dream two nights after having the slug in the nose dream.  I did have a cold when I had the slug dream also but not a bad one. As far as matching My life up to the dream things have been in a state of slight hardship lately.  A lot of financial issues but we have been able to keep our heads above water but its been a struggle alot of worry and also dealing with loss of friends over the past years due to moving, marriage, people changing,etc has really been weighing heavy on my mind.  I miss having close friendships and want life to get better and change bringing new wonderful people into my world.  Im so grateful for all you info about my dream I cannot thank you enough for your assistance.

Hey Carley,  No worries!

The fact that the slug dream was before the snake dream probably means that the meaning of the snake dream is closer to how you are feeling at the moment. (Rather than what I said above.)

I think the spider plant does make a difference.  If it was a fern, I was thinking it had to do with family tradition or cultural links due to the prehistoric nature of ferns.  Not all ferns of course but that is what they are known for.  The spider plant on the other hand is quite different.  When you look at it, it looks like an adult plant with lots of little babies growing out.  The stems attaching the baby plants to the adult are a lot like umbilical cords don't you think?  So in this way, I think this dream might be about leaving home and trying to make it on your own without your parent's help.  

In the dream, you took the healthiest little plants, cut them off, then planted them in the ground.  So this would perhaps symbolise you giving yourself the best chance at success as a person who wants to be independent (presumably independent from your parents).  However, when you look closer, you can see the little sleeping baby snake heads.  So this could represent some unforseen difficulties with your new found independence. These difficulties could well be about the financial difficulties you described.  However, I wonder if there is also the possibility that there have been some relationship difficulties with your parents?  The snakes were sleeping, so this would be saying that perhaps nothing specifically has gone wrong with your relationship with your parents, but perhaps there is an uneasy feeling there or something like that.  It could be feelings of resentment, being let down, guilt, disappointment.  These feelings could be coming from you or your parents or both.  I guess when you leave your parents, you said you moved away and you mentioned marriage.  Did you get married and move away?  If so, then this is going to mean changes with you and your parents.  With  every relationship change, there comes a bit of a grieving process and a bit of letting go.  There is also a bit of apprehension about what the future relationship will be.  That future will be represented by the babiness of the snakes.  And the fact that they are snakes might be saying that you are not feeling terribly good or positive about this.  Not being poisonous snakes though is good.  You obviously have a pretty good and positive relationship with your parents in general.

I have kind of focussed on the spider plant representing your relationship with your parents but it might not necessarily be about this.  If my above interpretation does not ring true for you, then the adult spider plant might represent yourself, and the baby plants could be about your changing friendship group and how you've had to cut off some part of your relationship to allow others to grow and develop in their own way.  The snakes might represent that you are worried about the new situation you are in but you are anticipating some kind of change (because the snakes were babies and they were sleeping so this new phase of your life hasn't quite started yet.)

The interesting thing about spider plants is that if you don't cut of the stem joining the adult and baby plant, but instead leave the stem in tact and plant the baby in the ground, it will grow roots and will have a better chance of survival, and then the stem will naturally die off once the baby plant has grown roots and can survive on its own.  So sometimes you can accept help from people without having to give up your future independence and sometimes by accepting help, you can actually increase your chance at a successful independent life.  Even if you don't accept the help, it is still nice to know that you can accept the help if things get desperate.  It is nice to know you have people to fall back on in an emergency.  In fact that's what family bonds are all about.  Not sure if this would make sense in your situation, but if there have been some issues with your parents, then it might be worth just thinking it through and putting some thought into recreating a new kind of relationship with them.  If you don't live in the same town anymore for instance, maybe you could give them a call, send picutres or emails, etc.  This goes too for your old friends.  You can still keep in touch with your old friends.  Keeping that relationship going with them will really help you get back on your feet and help you while you build up that new friendship group.

Well hope this made more sense than the first interpretation.  Let me know what you think.  If it doesn't make sense, let me know.  I am sure we can work it out!

Take it easy.  

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