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QUESTION: I had a dream last night where I was in a giant building that was supposedly some sort of nuclear power planet.  I don't know why I was there, but there was a man there who I seemed to be afraid of.  I was sitting in the middle of a pool of radioactive material, on a very small, square, metal island. I remember being very afraid that I was going to fall into the radioactive pool.  There were other islands like mine, but none that were close enough to jump on to.  

Next thing I remember is that I began panicking because the man had my cats, he threw the first one into the pool and she curled up into a ball and died immediately.  I heard voices saying that once you touched the pool, there was no chance of being saved.  He threw my other cat into the pool and I started to scream, except this one didn't die immediately. The cat started swimming towards my island, but I could tell he was becoming sick and weak.  Again the voices told me that he couldn't be saved, so when my cat tried to crawl up onto my island I kept pushing him back into the pool because I didn't want him to suffer anymore than he needed to.  Once he finally curled up into a ball and died like the first cat, I found way to escape and suddenly I was at my parents house, taking a shower in their laundry room (which doesn't have a shower in real life).  I was crying the entire time, and begging my sister to go with me to buy a new cat.  And that is all I can remember!

ANSWER: Hey Andrea,

As the dream was set in a nuclear power plant, the dream might have something to do with a real life power struggle which is going on in your life.  Perhaps you are feeling surrounded by intimidating situations (or people even) and you feel like you have very little room to move.  Cats in dreams can mean a number of different things depending on your own experience and feelings toward cats.  Normally, cats can represent individuality and self determination.  Eg, the ability to make your own decisions and do what you want to do rather than what other people want you.  Cats can also represent femininity and/or links to the spiritual world.  In your case, the cats were your pets.  Often people look upon their pets like they are friends that you care for and you give unconditional love to.  So in this way, the cats might represent friendships and strong bonds with others.  

As your cats died in the dream, perhaps they represent something which has come to an end in your waking life?  Perhaps you have had some friendships in real life which have also come to an end or changed in some way?  Alternatively maybe it has something to do with your individuality and not feeling free to do what you want to do?  Certainly you were very constricted in your actions in the radioactive waste?  At any rate, the dream seems to point to some very poisonous situation you find yourself in.

At the end of the dream, where you are showering in the laundry, a laundry can represent some aspect of your past - dirty laundry so to speak.  Something you regret and wish you hadn't done, or something that brings you into disrepute, and you showering in the laundry room would represent you trying to cleanse yourself of this and make a fresh start.  Hence, you ask your sister to help you buy a "new" cat.

The part of the dream which I found most telling is that when your second cat got thrown in the radioactive stuff and it tried to get out, you pushed this cat back in!  In real life, I don't think you would have done this - I think you would have tried to save your cat regardless of what the voices said.  From the cat's point of view, it would have been very distressing and the cat would not have understood why the person he/she loved most in the world would not help him/her out.  It would have seemed like a betrayal.   But in your mind, you didn't want the cat to suffer more.  Is there anything like that going on in your waking life?  Have you betrayed someone?  Or has someone bretrayed you?  Have you hurt a friend? You might have even betrayed yourself? If so, then this is sure to be what the dream is about.

If this rings true for you, then it  seems that you might be feeling trapped and powerless in some situation - so much so that you feel unable to stick up for yourself and others that you care about.  The voice you heard in your dream does worry me a bit because it makes me wonder if it is symbolic of your own inner voice.  Do you talk to your self in a negative way?  Are you often pessimistic about your abilities or your future?  maybe you are quick to give up on things?  If so then the dream might also be about this.  It is important to be aware of the messages you are sending yourself through your inner voice.  If you do find yourself being overly negative about your own self worth or your own ideas, its a good idea to challenge those beliefs and replace them with something more positive (if that makes sense at all.). It is difficult to get where you want to be in life if you are being overly negative and pessimistic about yourself.  if you do have this negative self talk, it can be extra difficult to fight back if you are being oppressed by others so if this is also happening - eg. If you are being bullied or harrassed by others, it is so important to keep up your positive self talk.  Be kind to yourself.  Give yourself compliments.  You know, that kind of thing.  (Ps hope this doesn't sound too silly - but it truly will help you a lot if you say kind and positive things to yourself.)

Well those are my thoughts. Please accept my apology for taking so long to answer your dream.  If you have any questions or want clarification about anything, I would be only too happy to help further.

Take care of yourself.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello again! I meant to send this earlier, but life got a hold of me. lol  I just wanted to tell you that you were absolutely correct about my "inner voice."  It is very, very negative.  And, now that I've made a conscious effort to be more positive, my dreams have been a lot more positive as well! Which is fortunate, because I'm not sure I could handle another dream like that one I asked you about.

I do have another quick question though, it's completely unrelated to my previous dream, I hope that's okay? If not, that's totally fine :)

I've been dreaming about an ex-boyfriend quite often recently, although I considered myself to be over the relationship.  In the most recent dream I was sitting in my childhood bedroom wearing a necklace with some sort of large jewel pendant.  He entered the room with a domino in his hand and touched it to the jewel on my necklace and said "so you know I still love you" and if I remember correctly, I was crying in the dream.  

Mostly I'm just wondering if dominoes have any significance in dreams?  It was the thing that stuck out to me the most.

Hey Andrea,

So glad to hear back from you and pleased the interpretation helped!  Lol.  I can totally relate to the life getting a hold of you thing!

I'm of course absolutely fine with interpreting your latest dream too. No worries at all.

Dreams about exs can mean a few things.  Often, they are similar to when other people appear.  The person can represent some aspect of yourself that you associate with your ex.  How would you describe his personality?  Why did you break up?  How is he different and how is he similar to yourself?  Ask yourself these questions, and then think about whether any of those things resonate with how your life is going right now.  For example, just say that you both broke up because he had committment issues (just an example to help illustrate what I'm talking about).  You might then look at your own life to see if there are some areas where you are having trouble making a committment or where you are committing more time too or something like that.  Just for interests sake, you said above that you had a very negative inner voice.  I wonder what kind of outlook he had?  Was he also negative?  Or was he the opposite?  if either of these things, then it might have something to do with this.

Your childhood bedroom is really going to represent your very essence and your own internal world and the origins of that internal world.  So I am thinking the dream is to do with this very personal aspect of yourself.

The domino will be quite symbolic.  When you think of dominos, do you think of the game?  Where you have to match up numbers?  Or do you think more of where you set up dominos so that when you push one over, a chain reaction is started and all the dominos fall down?  The way your x touched the domino to your necklace makes me think it is like a matching up thing.  But perhaps also it is about his essense and energy being passed on to you like the chain reaction thing.  For instance, if he is a much more positive person than you were, then perhaps his positive outlook is something you are taking on more?.  With the necklace you were wearing, do you have any idea what kind of jewel it was? This will be quite an important point because you would be amazed at how the symbolic meaning of specific gemstones can be really spot on in dreams.  

Finally, he said to you, "you know I still love you.". Well this could mean a few things.  For example, if he is representing some aspect of yourself, then it might be a message from your dream self to you saying that you still have that sense of self worth or self love if you like.  A very nice message and a very positive dream I think!!!

Alternatively, well, do you think he might still love you?  Is there still a spark there do you think?  Sometimes these burried feelings can pop up in our dreams!!!

Did that answer your question satisfactorally?  If you can figure out what that jewel was you were wearing and get back to me, that would be very interesting I would think.  It obviously means something or it wouldn't have featured in your dream!!!  Any other questions are of course most welcome.

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