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For the past week I have been having a similar type dream.
I am in the middle of the next chapter of my life (whatever that may be). The first dream was I was taken and they stole my ring, but a group of women saved me but I did not know these women but they had the same ring as I did. The next ones very similar key point this ring and women. What does this mean groups of women all wearing the same ring, and wanting to see or meet me. Don't understand.

Hey Janice,

A ring in real life symbolises a comittment you have made to another person say through marriage, engagement or friendship.  Therefore, in the dreamworld, rings also represent committment.

In your dream, you saw many women wearing the same ring as yours.  This could mean a couple of things.  Firstly, sometimes the people in our dreams represent some aspect of ourselves, so these women might represent different aspects of yourself and your life.  If this is the case, then the ring represents some strong committment you have which pervades all aspects of your life.  No matter what you find yourself doing during the day, or what role you are performing, you will always have that same number one priority in your life.  What is it that you would stop everything for?  What is your highest priority in life?  This is what the dream is likely to be about.

Alternatively, the women might represent other people who are committed to the same thing as you, or the dream might be saying that lots of people have the same priorities in life that you have.  

As the dream was set in the future (the next chapter in your life), this committment might not be something current, but it might be something you are training/studying for or something that you long for.  It might be something that you really really want - but don't yet have.

Having the ring stolen from you might represent some set backs that you have had in trying to achieve your life's dream or your future goals.  The women then might represent your own self determination to push on despite the difficulty.  Or they might represent people around you who all want the same thing for you and who are encouraging you to keep trying.  

All in all. I think this is a good dream.  It shows that you will succeed despite tough times or set backs along the way.  Keep pushing on and you will get through this difficult patch.  Remind yourself why you feel so strongly about your priorities.  

I hope this was helpful.  Let me know if you have any other questions or need clarification.

Take care!  And all the very best.

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