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QUESTION: I had a dream that I was told I was going to die in two weeks. I wasn't even told what my condition was, I just knew I was going to die. I started telling each one of my friends separately. I remember there being alot of cheerleaders and stuff around, but that may be because I was at a football game last night. Many different things happened. First, I was at school and started to go around to my friends and tell them, and I remember crying a lot. Then I was in a car, and all of my friends made this elaborate ploy to try to get one of my friends in the car so they could go with me or something?, I didn't really understand that part. Then I was sitting at a table eating with a bunch of my friends and I could hear everybody whispering about me but no one was talking directly to me. And then, still in a dream,I was in my bed, and I guess had just woken up, but as I tried to wake up, I felt like I couldn't open my eyes and had to start screaming for my parents because I thought it was the end or something (I am still in high school so I still live with my parents) for some reason my dreams are usually sporadic, as in they skip from one scene to the next without reason. Also I remember I really wanted to go see Paris before I died, like just take a plane for the day. And also I remember little bits inbetween where I would be in the same place as whatever setting I was in but I would suddenly be alone, and I would think about everything and just cry.

I know death dreams usually mean something about a change, and I really can't think of anything in my life that is changing or going to change. Does this dream mean anything then?

ANSWER: Hello Cathrine,

With death dreams, they don't so much represent change in your life, but they rather represent something ending in your life.  The change explanation comes out of the logic that if something ends, then something else has to come and fill its place and therefore, you have change.  However, the death itself is representative of something ending and the dream is about coming to terms with that end.

The ending itself can be anything really but often it is to do with relationship changes.  For example, if you are splitting up with a boyfriend or if you've lost a friend through conflict or some other reason like moving away or just spending less time together for whatever reason.  Moving house or changing schools can also bring about a dream a about death.  Another thing that that can trigger a death dream is a change in your personal beliefs about the world or about yourself.  If you have been questioning things lately or having some belief challenged, then this could also be what the dream is about.

In part of your dream above, you were at a dinner table and everyone was whispering about you so it might be to do with some secretive private thing that you wouldn't normally talk to people about.  This is backed up by that earlier part of the dream where you told all your friends separately.  And again, at the end of the dream, you find yourself alone thinking about things.  So obviously this is something private that you wouldn't want to announce publicly to the world.

Also, in the dream, you were going to die in two weeks time, which is in the future.  So this also is something you are anticipating.  Perhaps it is something that hasn't happened yet but it is inevitable and the dream is about coming to terms with that ending or that change, before it happens?  (For example, at some point, everybody stops being a kid due to the fact that we get older and go through physical and mental changes.)  BTW, is there something planned or is something going to happen in two weeks time?  If so, this could also be a clue and might have something to do with the dream.

The part where you are in the car, well cars often represent your direction in life.  So your friends trying to get this other friend to be in the car with you might be about them trying to get you together with someone, or it might be that the person who they were trying to get in the car with you shares some aspect of your life.  So have a think about this person (that your friends were trying to get in the car) and think about what aspects of your lives are similar.  This might have some significance.

Wanting to go and see Paris before you died is a very interesting part of the dream!  What does Paris represent to you?  Is it somewhere you actually want to go in real life?  I guess the first thing that springs to my mind (although it might not be right for you) is that Paris is associated with romance.  I'm not sure how this would fit in with an ending in your life.  Is there something in your mind that you need to fall in love before some particular thing happens?  Or have some kind of intimate experience or share a close relationship with a particular person or something like that?  Is there some kind of looming deadline in your mind where you have to experience something before a certain age or something like that?  Hmmmm, have a think about that.

Well those are my thoughts. I would love to get yours.  Can you figure out what the dream is about now?  If you are still unsure, let me know.  I am sure we can figure it out!  Let me know if you have any further questions.  I would be very happy to help further.

Take care.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much! This helped a lot. To answer some of your questions, I have realized that exactly two weeks from the dream is my 17th birthday, that might be something that caused it. As to the person in the car, he is a very close friend of mine that many of my friends actually want me to be with, and I had recently been drifting from him, so I guess that explains that one as well. As for Paris, Paris is very special to me. I have been to many of the major parts of the world and I have been wanting to go to France for a while, since I have a strong French heritage. But the romance thing might be coming into play, as I have had many aspects I have had to start to like about myself. I also really want to see more of the world before I die, which I what I remember thinking in the dream. Thank you so much for your insight!! It's so interesting seeing how my unconscious can interpret things happening in real life. I have always been fascinated by dreams, although I rarely have them. Thank you so much and if I have any other dreams I have questions about I will certainly come back here!!

Hello Catherine, thank you so much for your very thorough  feedback!  Glad to hear that things are becoming clearer to you.  I really honestly was thinking the "two weeks time" thing could have been a birthday coming up!!  Haha!!! That would have been a spin out if I'd have mentioned it!!!  Birthdays are always significant milestones in our lives and they force us to reflect on how far we've come, what we have done with our lives so far, and where we hope to go in the future.  Your looming birthday might well have triggered this dream because of the thoughts we have at this time of year.

Given your extra info, it might be all about growing older and becoming more mature.  As you said above, you are beginning to like certain aspects of yourself and presumably you have been accepting yourself more.  So logically, if you didn't accept yourself so much before and had some ideal you in your mind of who you wished you could have been, it might be about letting go of that fantasy you and accepting the real you.  Which is a very positive thing indeed.  Although I imagine it would be quite a process to be able to then pass that information on to those around you.  Hence in the dream, you had to let all your friends know that you were going to die (the old you that is) perhaps???

Thanks again for your reply and I would be very glad to help with any future dreams!!!

Take it easy and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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