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Hello, Last night i had a dream that i had gone to a tattoo parlor with my crush and my sister. In the first part of my dream, me and my crush had kissed. Please keep in mind that by saying the very high school term "crush" is not exactly what i would like to use, but for all intensive purposes, i will. Anyways, after we had kissed... alot, i went and got a tattoo. Actually i got three. One was a small heart on my chest, the other was a weird pattern and symbol that i couldnt decode right where i imagine a tramp stamp would be. the other i cant really remember, but im positive there was three. In real life i have no tattoos, and my "crush" has a girlfriend of nearly 8 months, however their relationship is on the rocks, and i fear it has to do with some of my actions. In the dream we were laying on a couch together and i rolled over and asked him "Are you still with your girlfriend" and he replied that it was complicated and that it was a failing relationship. At that i walked off, probably not liking the whole situation of me being used to cheat on his girlfriend i suppose. Anyways, this is my dream, and whats been happening lately. I was wondering if the two have parallels and if there is an underlying reason i might have had this dream. Thank you for listening, and i look forward to reading your response if you do. Thanks again, and hope to hear back from you soon.

Hey Vanessa,

Thanks for sending me your dream.  You obviously have very strong feelings for this young man!  

A tattoo is something permanent.  So getting a heart tatooed on your chest is saying that the feelings you have for this person will make a permanent impression on your heart.  (At least these are your true feelings for him at this point in time.). Interestingly though, it was a "small" heart???  So maybe there is just a small part of him which has really made a big impression but maybe not everything about him?   I'm not really sure there whether the smallness of the heart is significant but its worth thinking about.  

"Tramp stamp" is not a term I have ever heard before but I immediately know what you are talking about - I think!  Lol.  I would be very interested in the design of this tattoo.  I bet the design has some kind of symbolic meaning.  Do you remember the design or can you draw it?  In this day and age with the internet, it can be easier than you think to find the meaning of designs that appear in dreams.  Drawing it  might be useful for future reference if you can't find it.  

Anyway, be tramp stamp is saying to me that you are probably worried about your reputation when it comes to those actions which you think have caused problems with your "crush's" relationship with his girlfriend.  I think you feel that what you have done with him might be a bit immoral and you are now worried that this immorality will make a permanent scar on your identity.  You probably never thought of yourself as that kind of person and now you are wondering if maybe you are????  

Not really knowing what you did with this guy, I can't really give an opinion as to whether you've done the right or wrong thing.  However, its not like he is married or engaged to this girl so there is no reall committment that you have drawn him away from.  People do need to get these feelings sorted out before they get married because otherwise, they could end up with the wrong person simply because they felt committed when they really didn't need to be.  (Does that make sense???). and lets face it, you really do have very strong feelings for this guy and you do need to let him know just incase he has those feelings for you.  But of course, it is probably not a good idea to lead him into cheating on this girl because that probably wouldn't be the right thing to do and this kind of thing affects both yours and his reputations not to mention being very hurtful to his girlfriend.  So if that kind of thing is going on, it is probably best to stop now, let him know how you feel, then give him some space (eg, minimise or stop all contact) so he can make a decision between you or his girlfriend.

Another way of interpreting dreams with people in them, is that each person who appears in your dreams actually represents some aspect of yourself (rather than your relationship with that person).  Often times both interpretions have meaning for the dreamer.  For example, with your crush, what exactly is it about him that you love?  What do you admire about him?  How is he similar and how is he different from you?  

Now what about his girlfriend?  How do you feel about her?  What do you like?  And what do you dislike about her?  Now how is she similar or different from yourself?  

As an example to illustrate how to do this, lets just pretend that you admire your crush for his freedom and his courage to do what he wants to do and not be dictated to by others.  Now lets just pretend that his girlfriend is more disciplined and restricted by her committments to her goals and ambitions.  In the dream then, you kissing and being with your rush might represent your steong desire for more freedom in you life.  However, the thing that is holding you back from having this freedom, is your drive and ambition and your need to work hard toward those goals.  So in the dream, you walked away from your crush as you didn't want to be used to cheat on his girlfriend.  Eg, you might be suppressing your longing for more freedom, because of the guilt it would cause if you failed to follow your ambitions.  Ambitions which require a strong committment from you..  Obviously this is just an example.  What you can do now is substitute your symbolic meaning for your crush with the "freedom" meaning I used, and also, substitute your personal meaning for his girlfriend with the "committment" meaning I used and see what comes up for you.  (And if these instructions are a bit confusing, let me know and I can help further.)

Interestingly, your cruch dream character said it was a "failing relatiosnhip".  So look at your own life.  Are there any committments in your life that you feel are "failing"??  Is there something not working properly in your life or do you feel like you are "failing" in any aspect of your life at the moment?  If so, then this is bound to be what the dream is about.  Perhaps the dream, then, is about trying to find that balance between freedom and committment to your goals, responsibilities and your ambitions, hopes and dreams?

Your sister also appeared in your dream and came with you when you went to get those tattoos.  So ask yourself similar questions as above about your sister to find what her dream character symbolises to you.  She obviously represents some part of your identity that is a permanent part of who you are.  In which case, she may be a good person to ask advice from?????  Just a thought there.

Well I hope this helped and made some sense to you.  Please feel free to ask more questions or ask for further clarifications or just make a comment.  I would be very happy to help further if needed.  Also, if I've missed something in the dream that you really wanted me to comment on, let me know.

Take care, and all the best...

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